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SEO Services Company Unveils New Internet Marketing Internship Program

Dallas based SEO Services company has launched a new initiative to promote search engine marketing in colleges and universities. The internships will be available to several academic fields including but not limited to journalism, web development, business management, graphic design and to IT majors.

Dallas, TX, July 03, 2008 --( The primary focus of SEO 1 Services internship program is to work closely with the academic community, from community colleges, universities and students. This is a great opportunity for students to get front line exposure to SEO services and search engine marketing and apply theories learned to real work experience. College students also get an occasion to evaluate their level of interest in the field of search engine marketing, as it is chronically under represented in most US based curricula.

The SEO services company’s approach to making the internship a great success includes giving interns a chance to work in different search engine optimization projects that relate to their professional field, constant communication with the mentor and providing them with feedbacks, inputs and helpful advice. The search engine marketing interns are also given the opportunity to network with the most seasoned SEO professionals in the industry and showcase their knowledge and abilities.

Lack of internet marketing internships is due to a fragmented industry that is still relatively new and to barriers of entry in a highly specialized industry. This can be an invaluable opportunity for search engine marketing incumbents to set foot in the fast paced internet marketing world and acquired the elusive expertise.

SEO 1 Services offers a great emphasis on helping marketing students get in-depth knowledge about search engine optimization and its different forms like: Viral video marketing, copywriting, link building, blogging, and other marketing efforts as well as basic best practices in the industry. The search engine marketing internship also helps students gain a better understanding of the different internet marketing and search engine marketing strategies.
The length of the SEO internship may vary according to the availability of the intern and the company with a maximum duration of 6 months.The interactive internship programs can be conducted remotely with the mentor and may lead to possible employment as an entry level SEO position though not guaranteed. Applicable letter of recommendation and/or certificate of completion will be delivered upon achievement of the internship.

Search Engine Marketing Internship candidates must submit their resumes through the internship section of the corporate web site.

About SEO 1 Services:
SEO 1 Services has been leading the industry for 5 years. They deliver successful strategies that take in consideration all aspects of your firms' business goals. The team of SEO experts is made up out of web designers, business consultants, as well as programmers who are all Certified SEO Specialists.

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