Technology Organizations Should Prioritize Sales and Marketing Alignment

Reno, NV, July 05, 2008 --( Miller Heiman recently released research findings to help technology sales organizations benefit from the strengths and opportunities identified in a study of their peers. Opportunities to Achieve Revenue Growth in the Technology Industry, derived from the 2008 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study, compiles the results of survey responses from sales professionals in the technology industry and includes the insights from numerous industry experts.

“This type of information is invaluable to sales leaders in the technology industry,” said Sam Reese, president and CEO of Miller Heiman, “Looking outside your own organization at how others are driving results allows you to more accurately assess your performance. If you are doing well compared to internal performance metrics, that’s a good start, but it may still not be enough to remain competitive in the marketplace.”

The results of the study highlighted a number of growth opportunities, including opportunities to increase results through sales and marketing alignment and the development of comprehensive prospecting plans, Reese said.

In the study, technology sales organizations were compared against other industries and Winning Sales Organizations, those who showed a 20 percent increase in new account acquisition, annual revenue and average account billing. The study revealed that technology sales organizations are 45 percent less likely than Winning Sales Organizations to agree that sales and marketing are aligned in what their customers want and need.

According to Rich Blakeman, a Miller Heiman sales vice president, lack of alignment can be attributed to increased merger and acquisition activity in the industry. Value propositions have changed substantially, making it difficult to create alignment at the sales rep level, Blakeman said.

Sales and marketing alignment is may not be the only factor hindering this industry’s ability to win more new business. According to the report, these organizations are 50 percent less likely than Winning Sales Organizations to agree that they consistently use comprehensive prospecting plans.

According to Stan White, a Miller Heiman sales consultant, it takes a lot of rigor to reach out to buyers in the tech sector due to the virtual nature of the industry.

“In a lot of cases, companies have no organizational agreement about what prospecting is supposed to do for the organization – and what the measurements for success are,” White said in the report.

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