, A Dallas Based Web Site Features Models, Athletes and Rock Stars from Around the Globe

It started with a few states. Now from Los Angeles to Beijing, Snubclubbers are schmoozing and chatting inside’s maze of beautiful professionals. The totally free site is reaching millions with it’s easy to use friends network., A Dallas Based Web Site Features Models, Athletes and Rock Stars from Around the Globe
Dallas, TX, April 17, 2006 --( allows anyone to submit a picture and vote on others. Users don't worry about getting their wallets out because all they need is votes. The "democracy voting" keeps the fresh, youthful and appealing abundant on the inside.

This philosophy has grabbed the attention from Internet goers in Vietnam, the United States, Ireland, Canada, China and others. Prospective users love voting and keeping attune to their picture’s status.

One user, Jay Pendelton, said, "The e-communities that scour the globe can’t offer the prestige that lies with I have some of the most beautiful people world emailing me daily. It’s great."

"It is tough getting in but once you make it, you feel like a million bucks," said user Turk Aturk. "When I first submitted my picture I was tense about the prospects of getting inside the club. I could check my status everyday and finally I was voted in with 75 percent approval. It was well worth the challenge and I'm having a great time meeting the others. Everyone is super good-looking."

Owen and Jarrod Blake, the owners of the club are surprised of The Snub Club’s global presence. "I cannot get over the great connections we have provided," said Jarrod. "When you see a connection with a man in Ireland and a woman in China, it gives you a great feeling." 

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