Homeopathy Medicine Website Wins Prestigious Award: Hmedicine.com's Alternative Health Education Content Recognized as Best in Field

Natural Health Journal Editor's Choice Award given to Hmedicine.com for outstanding content and information in the field of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicines.

Charlotte, NC, July 08, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Hmedicine.com is bestowed the Natural Health Journals Editor's Choice Award. This award is made to selected health web sites that exhibit:

* Quality and reliable information on natural health topics including;
alternative and holistic medicine, conditions and diseases, exercise
and fitness, healthy lifestyles, diet and nutrition
* User accessibility and support
* Exceptional web design and easy navigation

"It is an honor to be recognized for our website content and ease of use. Also, it is great to be recognized for the vital role Hmedicine.com plays in increasing the public understanding of homeopathy and homeopathic medicine," said Sanjib Sarkar, president of the Hmedicine.com Inc.. "We will continue to make strides to implement more content and information in the coming months, improve our web design and navigation and increase user accessibility and support. Some of our recent upgrades include our new homeopathic medicine blog. Hmedicine.com has redesigned our existing blog to make it more user friendly. The blog contains weekly article submissions about natural health and homeopathy with subscriptions available via email or RSS. We will also revamp our forum software with new functionality including alternative medicine users being able to create their own blogs."

About Hmedicine.com
Founded in 2001, Hmedicine.com is an online store selling homeopathic remedies. Hmedicine.com also offers other natural health products to complement the consumers' homeopathic purchases. Hmedicine.com has a resource center for people looking for homeopathy and alternative health content. Hmedicine.com resource center includes a blog, homeopathy discussion forums, homeopathy guides , news and other alternative health information. Hmedicine.com mission is to make the consumer aware of alternative medicine options that are available to them.

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Sanjib Sarkar
President of Hmedicine.com
email: ssarkar@hmedicine.com

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Sanjib Sarkar