Master Certified Technician to Certified ActionCOACH Business Coach, Greg Kerr is Ready to Repair Local Businesses

Greg Kerr likens business coaching to repairing cars and feels that just as automobiles need to be repaired, businesses need to be fixed.

Las Vegas, NV, July 09, 2008 --( Greg Kerr has joined ActionCOACH as a certified ActionCOACH Business Coach.

Kerr will be practicing in Riverside, California.

He joined ActionCOACH after meeting a master licensee through BNI.

Greg Kerr is a successful entrepreneur and owns Safe Time Automotive. He bought and sold two businesses and his negotiation skills helped him succeed.

“As I am getting older, I feel I need to spend more quality time with my family and I like the idea of being mobile,” he said. “Being an ActionCOACH will help me strike the much-required balance between family and work life.”

Kerr is excited about joining ActionCOACH because it will give him the opportunity to help other people and make money at the same time.

“This will be a truly fulfilling career in that sense,” he said.

Kerr was impressed by ActionCOACH.

“ActionCOACH systems are extraordinary and my own business acumen coupled with these systems will help me succeed in this new role as a Business Coach.,” he said.

Kerr likens business coaching to his automotive business.

“Both areas have the same principles of customer service,” he said. “Helping people repair their automobiles is essentially the same as helping people fix their businesses.”

Kerr is involved in his local church and enjoys coaching softball during his free time.

A Certified Master Technician, he is a member of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and the BNI.

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