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"Cats In Space!" Launches at ClydeSight2.0

ClydeSight2.0! - the Fun and Games Cat Site, releases an "amewsing" new on-line game for cat and sci-fi lovers alike.

Malden, MA, April 18, 2006 --( Finding a good computer based game that is safe for children of all ages can be very difficult in today's gaming world where violence and mayhem seem to be the norm. Finding a game that appeals as much to adults as well as children is even more difficult. But, it isn't impossible.

ClydeSight2.0! – the Fun and Games Cat Site (, has been producing simple humorous little on-line games since 1996 for the fans of Clyde Big Paws – star of the site. These aren't your typical computer games that take hours to play on fancy hi-speed equipment. They are more cerebral and run inside an Internet browser. They have a wide appeal with kids and adults because of their sophisticated and outrageous humor, puns and simple approach. All are cat themed.

It is in this spirit that the Web site has released its latest game. "Cats in Space!", an interactive HTML based game that packs a laugh punch instead of a fisticuff.

The plot centers on the adventures of two kittens, Gertrude and Eddie (Clyde's protégés who took over ClydeSight2.0! in 1998 after Clyde Big Paws died). They have been expelled from the NASA astronaut program for practicing illegal "centrifuge training" in the NASA Director's Office Chair. There is irrefutable evidence in the form of video footage from the security cams. (You've got to see this— it's insane!)

Bitten by the space travel bug, the inept duo manage to secure private funding to build their very own "cat rocket ship" and launch a mission of their own into space for a trip to the "Milky Way". They need assistance from the player to launch their space vehicle, and the player gets a feel for the game interface by manipulating a satellite in orbit. As Gertrude explains "This IS rocket science!"

Things take a turn for the worse when it is discovered that the rocket ship has been sabotaged. Worse, Eddie has disappeared. In desperation, Gertrude engages the player's help in reassembling the space vehicle, based on slightly detailed blueprints and her instructions.

Once the player has got the rocket ship back together, it is finally ready for launch. Except, another problem has occurred. Eddie is found sleeping on the top of the launching pad, and it looks like it's going to rain. Gertrude goes into a panic, "You know how much cats hate to get wet!" and the player must rescue Eddie from the impending downpour. Gertrude's solution for doing this is less than stellar and...

Well, you'll have to play the game to find out how it all turns out!

"Cats in Space!" is the latest in a series of on-line games available at ClydeSight2.0! - the Fun and Games Cat site. Other games include "Time Travel Clyde" , a story game in which the player must solve historical (and hysterical) riddles, "Where in the House is Clyde", a Hide-and-Seek game with narrative written entirely in poetry, and "ClydeMaze-CM-1", a Macromedia Shockwave based game in which the player rescues Clyde Big Paws from a maze "...where everything looks the same".

Like all the ClydeSight2.0! games, "Cats in Space!" even contains an educational component. In this case it is a tiny bit of information about the construction of rockets.

"Cats In Space!" is entirely browser based and uses moveable layers as the game engine. This technique works quite well on Internet Explorer browsers from IE 5 and up, and also works on Mozilla based browsers, although the action is a bit trickier.

Like all the ClydeSight2.0! games, "Cats in Space!" is free to all and can be accessed from the site's home page. A direct link to the game is here:

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