Joe Verde Launches a New 2-Day Sales Workshop That Focuses on Selling to Today’s More Concerned and More Cautious Buyers

Joe Verde Sales and Management Training Inc., has just released Joe’s brand new “How To Sell A Car Today” Workshop. Car buyers today are changing faster than most dealers can keep up with and Joe’s new 2-day sales class focuses on the skills it takes to sell a car in today’s changing market.

San Juan Capistrano, CA, July 11, 2008 --( Joe Verde has been in the car business since 1972 and has been through all of the “ups and downs” of the Automobile Industry for over 30 years. Through hundreds of dealer contacts monthly, Joe stays completely in tune with the immediate training needs of an industry faced with rising fuel costs, frightened consumers, upside down shoppers, and economic uncertainty.

Joe Verde comments, “I’ve been the 8-car guy and the 38-car guy and I know the frustrations of working long and hard and getting almost nothing in return, especially in tough times like we’re seeing today. I learned how to move up in sales, step-by-step and I have developed a proven sales strategy that is consistent and repeatable that anyone can use to increase their sales overnight.”

Verde’s book, How To Sell A Car Today, has become an instant ‘Best Seller’. His book is helping thousands of dealers, managers and salespeople weather the storm in some of the hardest hit regions across the United States and helping those who are doing great, improve even more. Verde continues, “The book generated such a huge number of positive results and immediate success stories from people implementing what they were learning, it became the basis for my new workshop.”

How To Sell A Car Today Workshops will be held on the following dates and locations:

July 13 & 14............. St Johnsbury, VT
July 13 & 14 ............ El Paseo, TX
July 16 & 17 ............ Mt. Laurel, NJ
August 3 & 4 ........... Denver, CO
August 11 & 12 ....... Seattle, WA
August 14 & 15 ....... Tysons Corner, VA

August 17 & 18........... Halifax, NS
August 17 & 18........... Lexington, KY
August 18 & 19........... Dallas, TX
September 10 & 11...... Kelowna, BC
September 11 & 12...... Chicago, IL
September 18 & 19...... Philadelphia, PA

Dealers, General Managers, Sales Managers and Salespeople learn:

The facts about our “New Buyer” in today’s changing market and how to work with them
What the true potential is in sales today for any salesperson serious about success
‘Four Secrets’ salespeople, managers and dealers can use to grow every year

How To Sell A Car Today by following the three phases of the Basics:

Warm-Up Phase
Value Building Phase
Closing Phase

How to immediately close the sale when you get “I’ll think it over and get back to you”
The 5 most effective methods to overcome any objection you’ll hear for not buying today

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