Capturing Commodities: ETF Momentum Tracker Sees One Fund Looking Abroad

In its latest issue, Fidelity Independent Adviser’s ETF Momentum Tracker credits GSG’s success to emerging markets exposure.

Williamstown, MA, July 12, 2008 --( In its latest issue, Fidelity Independent Adviser’s ETF Momentum Tracker credits GSG’s success to emerging markets exposure.

This week’s issue of Fidelity Independent Adviser’s ETF Momentum Tracker takes a close look at iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust (GSG), which has remained in the top three spots on the Sector Momentum Table since its January 22 debut.

“Its returns are very impressive,” noted publisher Don Dion, “the fund gained 44% year -to -date through July 3, and nearly 79% in the one-year period ending on that date.”

As oil rules the headlines, commodities have continued to captivate investor interest, providing many investors an oasis in an otherwise parched economy.

GSG’s methodology, with investment in 24 commodities through futures contracts, manages to capture the craze and provide exposure to another ETF darling: emerging markets.

Like the index it tracks, the S&P GSCI, GSG’s portfolio is world-production weighted. In other words, the amount of a particular commodity in which GSG invests is determined by the amount of that commodity flowing that flowed through the global economy during the last five years.

“Production values shift constantly,” Dion says, “when growth in emerging markets is strong, agricultural and petroleum-based commodities tend to play a larger role in the global economy.”

Emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil have expanded their presence in the global economy in recent months, causing demand for agricultural and petroleum-based commodities to continue growing. China recently became a net importer of both corn and gasoline for the first time in its history.

With the economy mired in uncertainty, GSG’s flexible model may soothe weary investors. One advantage of the world-production weighting system is that it allows GSG to reflect the changing dynamics of the global economy.

“If a certain biofuel eventually usurps oil’s role in the global economy, then GSG will invest the majority of its assets in that commodity,” Dion said. “Likewise, if a particular crop overtakes corn’s dominant position among agricultural commodities, its that crop’s role in GSG’s portfolio will expand proportionately,” Dion added.

Will GSG stay atop ETF Momentum Tracker’s sector table? Dion thinks it will depend on the fate of oil prices and, less important, the prices of other energy commodities.

“Politicians are struggling to devise policies to halt out-of-control oil, while economists are attempting to explain the phenomenon,” Dion said, “and consumers and businesses are searching for ways to cut back on their fuel consumption. If such efforts are successful, oil prices may soften.”

As long as emerging economies are driving the global economy with robust growth, however, many of the commodities in GSG’s portfolio are likely to spur positive returns for the fund.

Period* Mkt. Return (%) +/- Index Return**
1 -week 2.47 +4.02
1 -month 13.92 +22.07
3 -months 30.60 +37.89
YTD 44.77 +57.84
1 -year 78.93 +94.42
*Through 7/3/08
**Index: S&P 500
Source: Morningstar


Energy 78.48%
Industrial Mat’ls 5.65%
Precious Metals 1.65%
Agriculture 11.52%
Livestock 2.70%
*As of 7/3/08

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