Top Massillon Athletes to be Seen By Wider Coaching Audience

Massillon, OH, July 14, 2008 --( When people think of the city of Massillon or Washington High School, they think football, and with good reason. Massillonians eat and sleep high school football. After Paul Brown was a student and then a coach here, he went on to revolutionize professional football. Washington High has produced more than 20 pro players and 14 All-Americans, and it’s been the country’s top-rated high school football program nine times.

Thanks to the program’s prestige and winning ways, Tiger football players are on the radar of coaches around the country more than the average American high school players. But now, thanks to a new partnership with Athletic Scholarship Corporation (ASC), a company that helps showcase top high school athletes to coaches around the country, not only will more Washington football players get exposure to more colleges, but so will other top Tiger baseball, basketball and soccer players, and perhaps even wrestlers, swimmers and other athletes.

ASC will work with Washington High’s staff to select and promote its standout athletes to colleges offering scholarships. For each selected athlete, biographical information is gathered, as well as video footage which ASC edits frame by frame to draw attention to specific talents.

ASC founder and CEO AJ Hodel and his staff will consult with the coaches, as well as the athlete’s family, to determine the appropriate divisions and schools for the athletes. ASC then notifies selected college coaches and athletic directors across the country, who can access an online profile page for each student athlete that includes highlight reels, photos, biographical info, athletic achievements, and links to highlight videos that clearly showcase the athlete’s abilities. Statistics and other pertinent facts are regularly updated on the page.

Washington High Athletic Director Tim Ridgely is excited about working with ASC. “Along with winning, every coach’s goal is to get kids into college programs," he said. "We knew that ASC had helped students at other schools get full rides at colleges, including kids who weren’t as much on the radar as the standout athletes."

ASC’s Hodel is an athlete himself, with a coaching background and proven instincts for seeing the potential in student athletes. In fact, more than a few times he has spotted college potential that even the coaches hadn’t fully recognized. “We can certainly spot talent," Ridgley said, "but AJ specializes in knowing what these coaches are looking for; he’s great at discerning whether an athlete is a Division I, Division II or Division III level player."

Washington High School and the city of Massillon take pleasure in being renowned for football, and now even more Tiger footballers will get their shot at a scholarship. But just as significantly, ASC will help bring the school’s other athletic programs out of the football program’s shadow and into their own limelight.

Athletic Scholarship Corporation
AJ Hodel