Internet Marketer Phil McCollum Joins iBuzzPro Voice Broadcasting

Phil McCollum has joined iBuzzPro Voice Broadcasting to take advantage of a new cost-effective voice broadcasting system that is affordable for sole proprieters, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Long Beach, CA, July 16, 2008 --( Phil McCollum of is pleased to announce his affiliation with iBuzzPro, a company that offers an affordable voice broadcasting service.

The iBuzzPro system takes full advantage of modern technology and by virtue of high volume purchasing power has driven the operating cost down for voice broadcasting down to unprecedented levels, only about a third of what comparable systems cost to operate.

Whether you need to contact a select list of a few hundred or broadcast to 50,000 people, iBuzzPro is fully scalable to your business needs. You have full control over when the calls are made, how many people to call, and what message to deliver. It brings voice broadcasting within the realm of the average business that may want to promote to a smaller list and still get a great rate.

"One of the keys to any advertising campaign is the cost-effectiveness, and with iBuzzPro it is possible to reach prospects for only pennies," says Phil McCollum. "Even better, it's easy to get started and begin broadcasting almost immediately, with no prior experience required. That's great for business owners and marketers who are launching their first voice broadcasting campaign."

iBuzzPro comes complete with built-in lead packages. For home business opportunity seekers, it has over 15 million genealogy leads pre-loaded into the system, all available gratis with purchase of the system. Additionally, business-to-business leads are available free to allow targeted broadcasting to almost any niche. And of course businesses can upload their own customer and prospect lists.

An additional benefits of the system is the ability to scrub against the national do-not-call list at no cost. There are no hidden costs associated with this system.

The system can be used to acquire new customers or to keep in touch with an existing customer base, or to promote special events to a specific geographic location such as an open house event or a new store opening. The possibilities are endless. iBuzzPro can provide an advertising advantage to the sole proprieter or major company, no matter what industry is being promoted.

Getting started with a voice broadcasting system can be intimidating, but not with iBuzzPro. The user interface is easy to use and full training is available.

Calling a list of prospects is a time-consuming process. All that wasted time of leaving voicemail messages over and over, putting up with numbers that don't connect, and the frustration of talking to people filled with negativity is eliminated.

Deliver a short, 30-second message, and interested persons will respond. The list is in effect sorted, eliminating the wasted time spent contacting people who are not interested in your offer. That makes the system both cost-effective and time-effective.

In summary, iBuzzPro is a system that enables the small business or entrepreneur to tap into the power of voice broadcasting on a limited budget. For more information about putting iBuzzPro to work for your business, you can visit them at or call 562 225-5234.

Phil McCollum