The Reliable Gilian 5000 Now Adds Programmability to Its Feature List

New Gilian 5000 Programmable Personal Air Sampling Pump is now Available Worldwide.

Clearwater, FL, July 18, 2008 --( The Gilian® 5000 Sensidyne’s newest design that is a 750 to 5,000 cc per minute personal air sampling pump that has the highest back pressure capability of the Gilian range and is easy to use. Making the best even better, the Gilian 5000 is now adds a programming feature that adds increased functionality for Industrial Hygienists and other safety professionals. This new feature adds a four stage program with repeat cycling, permits scheduled sampling or intermittent duty cycles and programmable delayed start.

“The programmable features come as a result of customer requests in both our International and Domestic markets,” said Glenn Warr, Vice President of Sensidyne. “We responded to the feedback of our customers who stated that adding the programmable feature would make a great pump even better at meeting the air sampling needs of our end-users.”

Programmable features on personal air sampling pumps can be highly beneficial during many applications when a worker is fitted with the instrument prior to commencing the work shift or when a sampling method requires intermittent sampling.

Sensidyne has introduced the Gilian® 5000 personal air sampling pump for monitoring worker exposure to hazardous gases, vapors and particulates at flow rates from 20 to 5000 cc per minute. The Gilian® 5000 has the ability to provide constant flow control up to 70” H20 back pressure at 1LPM. Higher back pressure capability enables the completion of specialized sampling applications where competitor’s pumps fault, or even worse, does not hold constant flow and result in unsuccessful samples and wasted time. The Gilian® 5000 has an onboard intuitive four-button design with lock-out capability that does not require special tools or a personal computer to create or edit the programming feature and memory-free NiMH battery. And preserving the Gilian® reputation, ruggedness and durability were not sacrificed in the effort to gain better performance and more features. The new programmable Gilian 5000 programmable saves time and takes the challenge out of air sampling.


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