web2whizzing Revealed Step by Step Blogging Tutorials

web2whizzing Offered Blogging Guide with Textual and Video Tutorials.

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, August 16, 2008 --(PR.com)-- www.web2whizzing.com, the website with blogging and social media marketing tips for small businesses has launched blogging tutorials where some are exposed in textual and other in video format. The guide is covering basics, but also bloggers can find advanced tips with particular attention on how to use blogs in business purposes.

Blogging is casual way to stay connected with readers, customers or friends. Online presence defines will someone use blogs for business or private purpose, and from blogging boom few years ago it just keeps expanding. Technorati.com has passed the way from tracking 14.2 million weblogs in July 2005 to tracking 112.8 million weblogs now in July 2008. Monitoring the market Technorati has made several reports giving the intersection of blogosphere. One such report tells that blogosphere continues to double about every 5,5 months, but also points some problems in blogosphere with about half of blogs in three months end with updating.

Founder of web2whizzing, Slobodan Borkovic, on this problem stated "Fact is that there are obstacles in blogging and main issues I see in blogging technical nature and lack of content ideas, leading people to quit. Nevertheless, another fact is that can be surpassed with decent guidance to follow. There are few ways it can be done, from reading good blogging book or following other bloggers tips."

The whole process from blog installation and first post to creating a dynamic successful blog doesn't have to be painful. If we look at web2whizzing tutorials (www.web2whizzing.com/create-successful-blog/), the guide is crossing from creating a first weblog to traffic, writing and content tips, with video tutorials covering WordPress search engines optimization.

Slobodan also emphasizes that WordPress is his choice as a blogging publishing platform:
"I see WordPress as a Mercedes Benz in blog publishing. WordPress is offering large number of different "plugins", which are there to expand functionality of the blog. Installation is easy and overall usage of WordPress is quite smooth once basics have been understood."

Having an online journal seems as a must for businesses and as a habit for ordinary people. If you're not willing to leap some important steps make consulting with web2whizzing tutorials, and visit website below for complete information.

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