Investments Suffering from Difficult Markets? One Manager Offers a Free Check-up.

Dion Money Management Offers Free Portfolio Review for Investors Hurt by Volatile Markets.

Williamstown, MA, July 18, 2008 --( As swinging markets dizzied investors yesterday, Don Dion, founder and president of Dion Money Management, announced that he would be offering free portfolio reviews for any investor who has been struggling in the difficult economy. Investors can call 1-(800) 432-7447 for this free opportunity.

“Your investment portfolio, and its ability to last as long as you do, requires a professional,” said Linda Duessel, head of equity market strategy at Federated investors, in a recent video conference with Dion. “If you have a health problem, you go to a doctor, if you have a problem with your automobile, you go to a mechanic,” Duessel added, “it is just as important, probably more, that for your own portfolio you work with a professional.”

Rapid market swings have also caused many of Dion’s existing clients to have a larger portion of their portfolios professionally managed. Dion reports that “it is during these difficult times that (existing) clients add money to their accounts that was previously invested by the client or a discount broker.”

Duessel said that a professional money manager can help investors determine whether their current investments are working together: “Our surveys show that if you have money invested in several different places, (each manager) is investing somehow differently.” Duessel warned these investors that their “total portfolio may not be right at all, because (managers) don’t communicate what they are doing to each other.”

Dion hopes that his Free Portfolio Review will help investors who have been hurt by bear markets, “We are available to help investors make sure that their total portfolio is properly balanced, and that they are not taking on too much risk.”

“Relationships, built on trust, are the core of our business, just like a doctor” Dion said. “A well invested portfolio, like a healthy body, requires ongoing care and check-ups when things aren’t going well,” Dion added.

About Don Dion: Don Dion is also president and founder of Dion Money Management, a fee-based investment advisory firm to affluent individuals, families and nonprofit organizations, where he is responsible for setting investment policy, creating custom portfolios and overseeing the performance of client accounts. Founded in 1996 and based in Williamstown, Massachusetts, Dion Money Management manages more than $715 million in assets for clients in 49 states and 11 countries.

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