Retailers, Residential Cleaners, Commercial Cleaners and the Press All Have Positive Comments About Bio-Enviro All Natural Cleaner

Cleaning Services / Janitorial Supply Applaud Bio-Enviro. The cleaning industry comments about Bio-Enviro All Natural Cleaner.

New York, NY, October 17, 2008 --( This product has gotten plenty of positive comments from the industry in which it is commonly used. Below are just a few of those positive experiences.

"We have been using multiple products to perform multiple tasks. Now, we just replaced all of them and use Bio-Enviro. The old thought of one product can not clean everything; well that is no longer true. Performs, saves time, money, and labor." -- Commercial Cleaning Service, East Coast, April 2008

Bio-Enviro multi-purpose cleaners -- "Thanks to our green month content in April, we've been hearing from a number of green businesses and one of the most interesting so far is New Jersey-based Bio-Enviro which makes a hypoallergenic, ecologically safe, biodegradable household cleaner that is repellent to pests." -- Staff Writers, May 2008

"Well when I used Bio-Enviro and the “Pleasant Scent” is just that. It is just as described a “fresh clean minty scent.” The scent only lasts maybe 5 min. or so after you have used it and then well your house just smells clean and odor free. I gave some to lots of friends. Some like scents and others dislike them, but Bio-Enviro seemed to please all of them. Great product I would definitely recommend it." -- Lisa, Residential Cleaning Service, NJ, July 2008

"When we first talked to this formulator, we thought he had lost his mind. Who would put neem oil in a product designed to clean everything from glass and cars to laundry and garage floors? Turns out he was right - enzymes and neem work synergistically." -- Neem Tree Farms, July 2008

"Bio Enviro is the most cost-effective, eco-friendly product we've come across to date." "The pleasant minty scent, its effectiveness in any cleaning situation, and the overall safety of this product are just a few of the attributes that makes Bio Enviro is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner for any eco-minded, frugal consumer." -- - By: Courtney Curtis, October 2008

A company spokesperson, James S. Miele, III said; "We are very pleased with the gracious comments about Bio-Enviro. We have worked diligently with a product that would be all natural, diverse, cost effective, and proudly disclose all of our ingredients."

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