5minuteautoloan.com to Update Auto Finance and Industry News on Its Website Daily

San Francisco, CA, July 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- 5minuteautoloan.com (http://www.5minuteautoloan.com/), an online facilitator for auto loans, will now include up-to-date information on auto finance and the automotive industry as a daily feature on its website.

Its blog section (http://5minuteautoloan.com/autoloans/) is now updated with daily inputs about varied topics relating to auto financing and the automobile industry. It will have daily postings pertaining to auto credit and automotive industry news. Subjects covered vary from the practicality of getting a used car loan to the surge in demand for hybrids in the context of rising fuel prices to the feasibility of long term loans on cars to the modalities of buying a new car.

Visitors to this website can expect to find the latest automobile and car loan industry news, trends and analyses.

About 5minuteautoloan.com
5minuteautoloan.com is an online service that assists those seeking to buy vehicles in getting auto loans. It has an affiliated, select network of its dealers and online finance companies, to which it refers these persons.

This free service is aimed at helping people with their special finance needs to get an auto loan without hassles. This service is aimed at enabling people with a bad credit history or those who have been unable to secure loans through traditional lending agencies get credit on the purchase of their next vehicle. All applications submitted to it are referred to its network of dealers and finance companies affiliated to it.

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