Close More Sales Consistently - Even in a Down Market

Bestselling Author Bob Beck Offers Help to Sales Professionals. For the first time information that has been taught in ten countries is now available in new CD series.

Close More Sales Consistently - Even in a Down Market
Los Angles, CA, July 22, 2008 --( Bestselling author, international keynote speaker and sales consultant Bob Beck, is offering, for the first time, a new sales training audio series to help sales professionals succeed through these tough economic times. Beck has traveled to ten countries speaking about and training his trademarked "Quid Pro Quo Series" sales courses. Thousands of sales professionals have used these courses. They have proven, unsurpassed results.

Beck says, "I have had the privilege to work with thousands of sales people over the last 25 years. It has been very rewarding to watch them succeed by applying the new skills and tactics that they have learned from the Quid Pro Quo courses. Now it's time to help people on a bigger scale."

With the current market conditions, many companies have stopped investing in their people. Unfortunately these same companies expect the sales team to achieve their revenue targets: "The world we live in has changed. How business is done has changed. The economic climate has also changed. It only makes logical sense that sales people change their sales approach," Beck says.

The CDs in this series are not offered for thousands of dollars—many are actually under a fifty dollars. Beck says, "I want to make it easy for sales professionals to invest in themselves. Serious, career minded, sales professionals shouldn't even think twice about spending their own hard-earned money if their return is thousands of dollars in sales commissions. That’s exactly what will happen when they learn skills that will help them succeed in today's market. At the end of the day we are all responsible for our own success. That's why I am offering this knowledge in an audio form, and why I have priced them so low. I want to see sales people succeed."

The CDs/Audio programs are:

· Selling Value to Executives Audio Course
· Relationship Selling Redefined
· The Trusted Advisor
· Mutual Respect Audio Book

There is special-bundle pricing offers at

Sales Builders Inc. offers a total solution to organizations and individuals. Sales Builders International (SBI) teaches a new sales approach and innovative tactics so everyone can exceed their revenue targets. Because we offer four trademarked, tactical professional development courses (The Quid Pro Quo Series), consulting, tailored workshops, and now CDs, Sales Builders is uniquely focused and positioned to impact productivity—whether you are an organization or an individual salesperson. To learn more about Sales Builders or Bob Beck visit: Email for more information.

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