Finance the Dream Helps Atlanta Homeowner’s Command Top Dollar for Their Homes Despite Nationwide Housing Crisis

Atlanta is once again becoming a Seller’s market. By utilizing No Credit Qualifying Lease Options, homeowner’s are selling their homes quickly and for full market value.

Atlanta, GA, July 25, 2008 --( "Despite the current nationwide housing crisis, Atlanta home sellers are commanding top dollar when selling their homes and avoiding thousands of dollars in real estate commissions" says, Vincent Polisi, President and Co-Founder of Finance The Dream.

How are they doing this?
"By selling their home with a Lease Option, sellers can sell their properties quickly, for top dollar and without it costing them a dime in commissions or fees", says wife and Co-Founder, Wendy Polisi. “Sellers love it because properties move quickly and we take care of everything.”

Finance The Dream provides creative sales and financing solutions for home sellers and home buyers. Utilizing Atlanta's only No Credit Qualifying Lease Option Program that reports tenant's payments to the national credit bureaus, they accelerate credit restoration and the client’s ability to qualify for a mortgage. This program enables sellers to sell their home for full price with no commissions or fees. It also provides them with triple net lease option tenants that are committed to owning the home. For the tenants, it provides a "second chance" solution to homeownership that they otherwise would not be provided in the current credit climate. With 74% of the population now no longer qualified for a mortgage, Finance The Dream offers a solid solution.

"When we set the program up", says Vincent Polisi, "it was designed to alleviate all of the typical landlord issues that we experienced on our own investments". The lease option tenants are entered into a credit restoration program monitored by a local loan officer. They execute a bank draft authorization form for direct deposit of monthly lease payments to avoid the dreaded 'the check's in the mail' syndrome. Tenants also agree to takeover all maintenance and repairs of the property. This has been a big perk for our sellers because none of them want to deal with phone calls at 2AM over a leaky toilet. Our sellers get the luxury of having to do nothing other than check their online bank account on the first of each month to ensure the direct deposit.

"The funny thing is", says Polisi, "we originally setup as nothing but a conduit and portal to lease option prospects for our own investment deals acquired by our investment firm, The Wealth Consortium. After getting several dozen inquiries per week from sellers that had seen our Finance The Dream website asking us to market their homes for them, my wife, Wendy Polisi and I scratched our heads and asked each other, ‘What are they calling us for, we aren’t Realtors?’. After weeks of inquiries we decided to give it a trial run as a retail service to sellers to see what the response would be. The response and results have been truly overwhelming.”

One such satisfied raving fan seller is Atlanta resident and nationally published real estate author, Doug Keipper, author of "How To Succeed and Make Money With Your First Rental House". "Like a lot of sellers, Doug initially thought our deal was too good to be true", says Vincent Polisi. That skepticism vanished when he submitted the information for his property to us Friday at 4:20PM and we had an executed lease, checks and bank draft authorization form by noon the following Monday. Keipper says “I had the house on the market with a Realtor in the Neighborhood for eight long frustrating months without a single offer. Not even a lowball offer!! Finance the Dream listed my property Friday afternoon and we had a signed lease on Monday. My wife and I can’t believe it. When we sell the house, we get full price and save $13,000 on sales commissions!!”

With seller's submitting properties in droves daily, it is easy to see that Finance The Dream is poised for explosive growth to quickly become the largest single resource of lease option properties in Atlanta.

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Vincent Polisi