Truly Organic Skin Care Products Improve Living Conditions Around the World

New Line of Cosmetic Products serve to generate charitable benefits for some of the poorest communities around the world.

Port Coquitlam, Canada, July 25, 2008 --( Jiadé Organic Cosmetics, a newly formed Port Coquitlam, BC company, has developed a new line of entirely organic cosmetics products. The company founders have chosen to donate a significant portion of their sales to projects around the world that focus on improving the health, living conditions and education of families and communities in areas where income is well below the world poverty level. “We have been looking for a way to generate charitable benefits for the very poor areas in the world.” Eva Savova, the company’s co-founder stated. “ We feel that, rather than looking for donations, we want to offer consumers a way of providing a benefit, not only for themselves in buying and using our products, but also in contributing to the building of a well in Chad, or the housing of orphans in Mali, or funding girls’ education in Guinea.” The model of a company generating income for charitable purposes is part of a growing trend of community-conscious businesses, whose principles focus not only on profit, but on the overall effect that their business has on the community, its employees, its vendors, its customers and the world as a whole. This leads business owners to consider not only what is good for the bottom line, but also how the business can enrich as many lives as possible. Jiadé’s product line includes a series of premium facial moisturizers, prepared from only certified organic ingredients. Due to demand, the company is planning to launch additional products before Christmas, including an all-organic facial cleanser, an organic eye serum and an organic body lotion.

Jiadé’s philosophy of ethics and service caused them to commit to manufacturing only organic cosmetics products. “After extensive research into organic cosmetics, we became disillusioned at how abused the word organic has become in this industry” Mrs. Savova explained “We decided then that we could do it better.” After several years of research, the company brought the new line of fine, truly organic cosmetic products to market in June of this year. Jiadé’s products, can be purchased online at

Jiadé Organic Cosmetics Inc.
Walter Dullemond