Rapid Appraisal Inc. Releases Real Estate Market Analysis for Torrington Connecticut

Rapid Appraisal Inc has completed an analysis of the Torrington Connecticut residential home sale market and is providing the information free of charge on their web site.

Torrington, CT, July 26, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Rapid Appraisal Inc. has studied the current market conditions in the City of Torrington, Connecticut, to see how property values are fairing under the current market conditions.

“With all the hype in the media over the current real estate crisis, we felt it was time to study how this reflects on the Torrington market” state Rapid Appraisal Inc. President Dan Greenlaw. The results are interesting and if not positive, certainly not as dire as many areas of the Country.

To find out what has been occurring in Torrington data from the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service was utilized. Although not all sales use this service, the majority of arms length transactions due go through this process. The use of the MLS also weeds out family transactions and auctions sales which would tend to skew market value indicators due to the nature of these transfers.

“It is our intent to start analyzing more markets in Connecticut and posting it on our website” Mr. Greenlaw said. “This way we can provide critical information to our clients about local market conditions, instead of just relying on doom and gloom national forecasts.” Torrington was the first market analyzed as it is Rapid Appraisals home base, but it won’t be the last. Plans are underway to studies for major cities in Connecticut as well as analyzing county wide information.

The information is available and free to anyone interested by heading to rapidappraisalinc.com and clicking on the Connecticut Real Estate News Link.

Rapid Appraisal Inc.
Dan Greenlaw