Get Ready to Rock: Launches Guitar Learning Social Network

New York, NY, April 26, 2006 --( launches today as a social network for guitarists, with one primary goal in mind: help individuals learn to play guitar. To that end, the site offers a growing collection of free lessons, all with audio and video and the ability to ask questions. "The long term plans are to make this a community effort," said Simit Patel, aka Kid Mercury. The plans include allowing and incentivizing community members to create educational media that meets ActoGuitar's standards for quality, so as to create an endlessly growing and updated educational archive on how to play guitar.

ActoGuitar believes that learning is an inherently interactive process, and hence fosters a very social environment on its web site. "Each page is interactive," Patel said. "We want our members to meet each other and make new social ties in the process of learning." To help members learn and meet each other, ActoGuitar gives each of its members free blogs and communal learning forums.

As an extension of helping individuals learn to play guitar, ActoGuitar helps professional guitarists learn about how they can build their business as a guitarist. Articles and discussion areas exist to foster a business discussion, while blogs are given to help businesses establish the online presence they need. To secure attention for aspiring businesses, ActoGuitar allows members of its business community to advertise for free on blogs in its network.

ActoGuitar is based out New York City. It's free online community can be acccessed at

Simit Patel