The Million Dirham Website

The popular "Million Dollar webpage" now has a Middle Eastern Brother aptly named "The Million Dirham webpage." Its a revolutionary online advertising concept that is gaining huge momentum in the arabian world.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 25, 2006 --( The Hub, a Dubai based business services company, has announced the launch of an excitingly new advertising concept called the "one million dirham webpage"‚ that provides inexpensive & noticeable online advertising space for individuals and companies in Dubai and the Middle East. The Idea is simple: one single web page comprising of 1 million pixels available for sale in blocks of 100 pixels to any individual or company wishing to advertise for the cost of 1 dirham per pixel.

It's a very popular & successful means of advertising that has already worked beyond expectations in the U.S ( The buyers get to place a graphic of his/her choice with a link to their website. Everyone that advertised has benefited from a boost in visits to their sites and have an increased web page ranking, which means improved business throughput.

"Many individuals and companies have started similar online advertising concepts, but we promise to be different. We provide free value added advantages & future services to all those that advertise with us."- Amer Sharafuddin Sharaf, General Manager

"Online advertising is a very powerful tool that many esteemed organization seem to overlook. The basic rule of marketing is exposure, be it conventional or online. Exposure is the ultimate fundamental law that drives all marketeers and that is what we are selling to our clients."

The hub is continuously advertising itself rigorously in many locations on the net and in the real world to increase the popularity of the website and subsequently all the advertisements ensuring maximum exposure.

If you are interested in having your own place on the hub you may do so by visiting the website (

The Hub
Amer Sharaf