Nonprofit Human Resources Management Strategies Forum Provides Succession Planning

By 2008, nearly half of current nonprofit directors plan to retire. The Nonprofit Human Resources Managment Strategies Forum sponsored by The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University on June 6, 2006, will help nonprofits plan for future executive transitions.

Philadelphia, PA, April 25, 2006 --( By 2008, nearly half of current nonprofit directors plan to retire. As the baby-boomers leave their leadership roles, there are concrete steps organizations need to take to protect their vision and stability before, during and after the transition. This is just one of the relevant issues that will be tackled at an upcoming nonprofit human resources strategies forum organized by The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University.

"Building your bench strength by identifying talented people and developing them for future leadership" is how Sonia Stamm, who will be leading the strategy session on executive succession, explains the new concept of succession planning. While succession planning is a staple of corporate management, it has not yet found its way into the nonprofit landscape and that is likely to have serious far-reaching consequences for the organizations and the people who depend upon their services. Studies indicate the problem reflects a national trend. In addition to the United Way of New York City study that found that 45 percent of current nonprofit executives will retire in the next two years, San Diego expects that number to be closer to 70 percent. Looking even further ahead, a study by Bridgestar, a Boston-based nonprofit leadership development group, concluded that by 2016, nonprofits nationally will need almost 80,000 new senior managers per year to bridge the leadership deficit. Stamm indicates that the problem goes even deeper than failing to have a plan for executive director replacement. “Without the resources or the energy to commit to developing new managers, the leadership gap will include managers at various levels of an organization,” she said.

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The Nonprofit Center’s full-day forum will offer concrete steps a nonprofit needs to take to identify and cultivate future leadership. The Nonprofit Center’s annual forum, which this year is entitled "Managing Humans Without the Resources: Practical Strategies for Nonprofit Realities," is designed to offer practical ideas for organizations that lack the luxury of a full-time human resources director. In addition to succession planning, session will deal with no-cost and low-cost benefits and will feature exhibitors that specialize in the nonprofit sector. A 15-minute consultation with an “HR Doctor,” an expert in nonprofit human resources from local law firms, consulting services, and other related businesses, is available to conference participants.

The Nonprofit Center’s strategies forum takes place on June 6 at La Salle University. For more information or to register, visit their website at


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