Staff Patrol Releases Semi Annual Employment Screening Risk Analysis Report

Charts show a growing percentage of employees with significant “risk issues” across 5 industries. Staff Patrol’s report focused on key elements of past investigations and matched the critical market segments of concern.

Miami, FL, July 30, 2008 --( The increase in criminal records found among employees is largely due to the fact that employers are conducting more thorough investigations on the candidates they hire. Companies are also scrutinizing a larger percentage of their staff, including contractors and temporary employees. Even though the overall number of criminal records has increased, there are still segments of the workforce with a higher than average percentage.

The largest number of criminal records was discovered within the construction sector, with an average of 9% more infractions revealed than any other industry. This increase in criminal records approached a 13% growth over last year.

The retail and food service industries were closely matched in second place with an increase of approximately 11% over last year. The two industries that faired the best were banking and technology, showing an increase of 6% in criminal records over last year. All other market segments that conducted routine background checks saw an average increase of 9%.

The president of says, “There are many variables than can affect an industry’s rating. This can include the number of workers screened and the job duties of these individuals. Our findings can also be due to the depth of investigations that the client requests. This report was not prepared to indicate that there is a higher criminal element within any business sector. However, it does show the areas that may need more attention when conducting employment screening.”

Other critical discoveries in the report were found to exist across all industries. Falsifications in education credentials grew by 10% and enhanced past employment details jumped by almost 15%. In part due to the economy, credit reports revealed close to 25% more items of concern over last year.

A Staff Patrol manager commented, “Employers are asking for more thorough employment screening, including the screening of existing employees. Additional services becoming standard are drug screening, credit evaluation and driving histories. These extra requirements will certainly provide more details on employees and potential candidates as time passes.” The hiring process and success for candidates can be much tougher with these new screening stipulations. But, it is important that companies have this information so that they can make informed hiring decisions.

Rob Karr of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association says, "Retailers do hire people who've made mistakes ... but we want to do it with our eyes open." Capt. Jon Mosier from the sheriff's office says, "Not only do you need that record check sometimes, you also need that sixth sense to hire people. If they do have a record, do you want to hire them anyway? I'm surprised at how many people get hired who are criminals. For example, they're thieves and they get hired without a background check and then at work they're handling money."

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Dexter Marley