, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company, Now Offers Total Aluminum Welding Solutions

Look to and Lincoln Electric for the complete answer to aluminum mig welding needs “start to finish.”

Appleton, WI, August 01, 2008 --( Redline Ops LLC, a Lincoln Electric Distributor, has adopted the Lincoln s2f Welding Solution, to bring it to the consumer at attractive prices.

The total s2f™ Welding Solution consists of the following:
- Process - Nextweld® welding processes beat all of the challenges you face with aluminum welding.
- Equipment - Power MIG® and Power Wave® welding systems provide the best equipment for light and industrial aluminum welding needs.
- Consumables - Super Glaze® aluminum MIG wire delivers smooth surface finish, smooth arc and smooth feeding.

Put it all together and you have the TOTAL s2f™ welding system - delivering a soft aluminum arc, consistent and conditioned starting and ending, as well as, improved cleaning action for a superior weld on tough aluminum jobs from Start-2-Finish.

Redline Ops LLC is offering this complete welding solution to consumers around the world. Jason Kossel, Redline Ops LLC’s president said, “Contractors in Iraq have especially liked the ease of the s2f™ solution for a quick and easy fixes for their light and industrial aluminum welding projects.”

Please visit for additional information on the Total s2f™ Solution.

Redline Ops LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company, was started by a Veteran of the Iraq by the name of John Pendergast. Together through his partnership with Jason Kossel they were able to establish strategic alliances with large manufacturers. These alliances have allowed Redline Ops LLC to purchase products at prices typically set a side for large companies only. This purchasing power has helped catapult Redline Ops to the forefront of the welding retail sector by allowing them to pass on great pricing to their customers.

The Service Disabled Veteran owner could not have imagined the success that would come of a simple idea created to assist others in saving a few of their hard earned dollars. If you would like more information about this topic and company, please visit or call 1-866-737-2664.

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