Global Beverage's Anti-Ageing Water Technology Estimated Value at $800 Million

The Estimated Future Value of the Anti-Ageing Technology is $800,000,000 and lies in the potential revenues from its patents or patents pending for the Anti-Ageing Beverages and various line extensions that it has developed.

Palm Springs, CA, August 13, 2008 --( Global Beverage Innovations, developer of Anti-Ageing Water "The World's Most Functional Water", has agreed to engage Veridian Group LLC of Minneapolis, MN, as a strategic marketing consultant to support its continued product development, launch and marketing strategy of its cosmeceutical beverage line, functional foods, HGH delivery systems, cosmetics, and spirits.

Under the terms of the agreement, Veridian Group will provide research-driven, strategic support to Global Beverage, including product attributes and development, brand strategy, and channel strategy as part of its strategic marketing efforts.

Stuart Garret, CEO of Global Beverage stated, "We are pleased to have found a strategic resource...."

Richard Fogel, Managing Partner of Veridian Group said "We are extremely excited for the opportunity to support Global Beverage and its Anti-Ageing Water. We believe Mr. Garret and Global are at the forefront of a tremendous opportunity in forging the cosmeceutical beverage and additional category segments, and we are going to work meticulously to ensure they develop the right product, through the right channels and to the right markets, with efficiency and effectiveness.

A technology valuation with regards to the Product "Anti-Ageing Water" for the purpose of determining a value was done for the products owner and developer, Global Beverage Innovations, AES, INC. by Veridian.

The Estimated Future Value of the Anti-Ageing Technology is $800,000,000 and lies in the potential revenues from its patents or patents pending for the Anti-Ageing Beverages and various line extensions that it has developed.

About Anti-Ageing Water:

"The Worlds Most Functional Water"

Beverage Marketing USA, Inc., recently began introducing the fashionable Anti-Ageing Water brand as a luxury cosmeceutical beverage line to Europe and the United States.

"Anti-Ageing Water is a neutral tasting ultra premium cosmeceutical designer water. Anti-Ageing Water, is an all-natural, DMAE-based mineralized super-alkaline bottled water that contains natural products that are exceptionally helpful in hydrating the skin, the largest living organ in the human body, it's the ultimate luxury - drinking Anti-Ageing Water is like turning back the hands of time.

"Anti-Ageing Water is made with the highest quality nutraceutical ingredients, and continues to demonstrate its effectiveness," says Richard H. Davis, President of Beverage Marketing USA, Inc.

Anti-Ageing Water is made from ultra premium, natural artesian, alkaline antioxidant water, DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), QA-100 (it's Anti-Ageing DNA repair formulation) and is fortified with 100 mg natural calcium, and 220 mg magnesium that is absolutely clear in solution. Anti-Ageing Water will help you look your best, from the inside out, and will enhance your body, mind, and spirit.

Global Beverage Innovations' goal is to promote awareness of natural, beautiful, healthy skin, educate about the advantages of an alkaline diet, and an anti-ageing lifestyle, and detoxify the body by removing the accumulation of acid wastes in the body.

The accumulation of acid wastes in the body is ageing, the reduction of these acid wastes is reverse ageing...... "Sang Wang"

While many scientist and medical doctors seem baffled by the apparent effects of the Anti-Ageing Water formulation, consumers are not waiting for further scientific evaluations and now consider Anti-Ageing Water as an essential cosmetic aid, whose hydrating effects are described as the experience of having natural moisten skin after a visit to a sauna.

About Global Beverage Innovations, Inc.

Global Beverage Innovations, Inc., is the marketer of FLAIR, a cosmetic dermal filler that helps diminish facial lines and restore skin volume, resulting in a younger appearance.

Global Beverage Innovations Anti-Ageing line of products includes AGE-AWAY, a concentrated form of Anti-Ageing Water in a pill, that aids in DNA repair, Anti-Ageing Toothpaste, & Gum, Coffee, Teas, and beverages that combat Depression, Anxiety, Weight Loss, and Sleep.

Established in the United States in 2006, the company is a leading independent specialty pharmaceutical company now focusing on primarily anti-ageing solutions.

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