AcuPOLL Launches Packaging Optimizer

Brand Research Firm Assists CPG Executives in Finding the Emotional Connection of Their Packaging with Their Exclusive eFactorâ„¢ Analysis.

Cincinnati, OH, April 27, 2006 --( Packaging is often central to the success of a product.

With literally thousands of products on the shelves and the continued proliferation of SKUs, brand packaging increasingly plays a significant role in the initial trial and repeat usage of a product. In addition, packaging is often the only advertising for many brands, making it even more critical that companies “get it right”. As a result, worldwide brand research firm AcuPOLL builds upon its brand testing expertise and unveils Packaging Optimizer, with their exclusive eFactor™ Analysis.

AcuPOLL Packaging Optimizer goes beyond traditional normative and “fit with brand” measures, says AcuPOLL CEO Jack Gordon. Packaging Optimizer provides a holistic view of packaging options and helps clients understand the total appeal of their packaging options including breakthrough potential, equity impact, benefit and feature communication and the all important, emotional connection.

“Colors, shapes and images all create emotional responses that can hurt or help build relationships with consumers, and help define the image of a brand. Packages that generate more anticipation, joy and trust will help build a brand,” Gordon says. “We have found that emotional connection is often the tie-breaker between seemingly equal packaging options. Emotions help identify intensity of interest as they measure the difference between what consumers would like to see versus what they want to buy and not only can we measure that, we can provide actionable intelligence on what to do with the information.”

Packaging Optimizer can be used to screen packaging graphics, structure design, names, logos, brand identity and shelf sets. AcuPOLL experts provide companies with actionable recommendations beyond “Go/No Go” based on the data presented from each study. Their exclusive and comprehensive approach entails a hybrid qualitative/quantitative methodology, which can provide real-time feedback and enriches learning.

“Any single element of the marketing mix can have an extremely positive or negative impact on the success of a brand. In many instances, packaging design is often the first and last opportunity to communicate with consumers,” Gordon further says. “Packaging needs to effectively communicate everything that your brand stands for, emotionally as well as rationally.”

Gordon adds that Packaging Optimizer now gives companies the ability to compare packaging options against normative benchmarks, gather equity and emotional insights and probe consumers, often in less time than traditional focus group evaluation.

About AcuPOLL

With world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, AcuPOLL Research, Inc., is a global brand building research agency that uses a patented system to provide companies with clear business recommendations based on a thorough analysis of customized data. AcuPOLL provides the fastest, most predictive, and most accurate research methodology. Over the past fifteen years, AcuPOLL has quantitatively tested over 35,000 new product ideas and 1,000 ads, giving it the most current database and one of the largest, in the marketing industry. AcuPOLL has predicted the success of new products, services, mail order catalog items, retail concepts, advertising, promotions, and business services as well as packaging. AcuPOLL is an internationally recognized company with offices in the United States, Asia, Europe, Mexico, and South America. More information can be accessed at or by calling 513.943.0020.

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