Business901 Launches the “Business401 Nonprofit Program”

Fort Wayne, IN, August 05, 2008 --( Joe Dager, owner of Business901 in Fort Wayne, IN has just launched a new nonprofit program called Business401. This one year program enables nonprofit organizations to create a total step-by-step, documented marketing and performance program customized through coaching/consulting to their target market. Develop marketing tools, news releases, letters, events, planning instruments and offers that develops long-term funding strategies and performance instruments. Devise a precise strategy and implement the structure with the help from a seasoned veteran of over 30 years in the small business and nonprofit field.

The uniqueness of this program is that it takes three proven systems developed by Duct Tape Marketing author John Jantsch and The One Page Business Plan for Nonprofits and combines it with the implementation by an authorized Coach/Consultant for both products, Joe Dager. "The principles are outlined in our website. It communicates the basic understanding on how the individual programs can apply to a nonprofit organization. If you download any of the guides, they offer several tips and tricks that will immediately jump-start a marketing program," says Dager. The guides can be downloaded for a limited time at

The FundingYourNonprofit blog is a gateway to the Business401Nonprofit program. The total program offers nonprofits a completely different method on developing long-term funding and performance strategies. “It is practically a turnkey system,” says Dager. “The system is perfect for those who are frustrated with the typical methods of obtaining volunteers and fundraising. This system will help organization establish a proven marketing system with supporting organizational structure to make it work.”

The Outline of the Business401 Program:

Performance Planning: Thousands of non-profits have already successfully written and implemented One Page Plans with this simple and effective planning methodology. This special version of The One Page Business Plan has been called "The One Page Promise" because it helps directors, boards, management and volunteers clearly define and live up to their promises at organizational, departmental, project and program levels... all in fast, easy to communicate and actionable terms.

Connect with Permission. This program enables nonprofit organizations to define their core message, identify their target market and ideal clients, and then develop their programs accordingly. This program develops an entire marketing program within an organization. It starts with defining your core market, building marketing materials, developing advertising, referral and public relation programs and then enacting an internet strategy from website content to blogs, podcast and social networking.

Referral for Nonprofits Program: This program creates a step-by-step, documented referral marketing program customized through coaching to a target market. Develop marketing tools, letters, and offers that will helps generate a flood of new clients. Devise a precise strategy for making volunteers, donors and member referrals into your core new sales weapon.

Implementation: Business901 work with your organization to create, install and implement your system. A program is created that includes an action plan, schedule and budget for implementing your plan. Once the unique plan is created, routine meetings are scheduled to keep your plan and marketing projects moving forward. Business901 acts much like an in-house marketing department to manage resources, work with necessary vendors and freelance personnel to move your plans forward.

Invitation Only: This is program is offered on a limited basis and by invitation only.

About Business901
Business901,, uses proven methodologies to enable its customers to build applications in a very short amount of time. The result is increased development speed, higher customer satisfaction and decreased time. Utilizing this method, you spend your time on the need versus the plan. The simplicity of a single flexible model will create clarity for your staff and as a result better execution. Dager has been working with small businesses and nonprofits for over 30 years. His marketing strategies and principles have worked for many companies. Now, his affiliation with Duct Tape Marketing and The One Page Business Plan has allowed him to stay on the cutting edge of technology and a national perspective of what is what is not working.

Joseph T. Dager