Region-wide Businesses, Events and Initiatives Embrace .Asia Domains; DotAsia Top 10 Auctions Action Packed as Hot-or-Not Contest Excitement Continues

Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R., August 06, 2008 --( DotAsia Organisation announced today that auction proceeds for the .Asia Sunrise and Landrush auctions reached US$7 Million after surpassing the US$6 Million mark 2 weeks ago. The top 10 list also continues to experience constant changes and exciting developments. Four new domains entered into the Top 10, including “” (US$32,000) and “” (US$34,125 and ongoing), while “” (US$72,000 and ongoing) jumped into 3rd position. Making way for these were “” (US$25,000), “” (US$28,000), “” (US$28.556) and “” (US$23,200). Into the final week of the auctions, “” remains at the top having closed at US$112,111. Live auction ticker and commentary can be found on, as the .Asia Hot-or-Not Domains Appraisal Contest awaits its Grand Prize winner of US$10,000.

“We have seen growing excitement for the .Asia Auctions as the Hot-or-Not Contest reaches its final stage. Contestants and auction participants alike are logging on each day to to check out the latest development. We believe that the .Asia auction process has been a great success not only in providing a fairer process to compete for domain names, but also in building a solid foundation for adoption, investment and growth value of .Asia domains,” says Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation.

A quick search on the Internet revealed great headway .Asia is making to attract businesses and initiatives alike to utilize the domain. Examples include businesses in the region such as “”, “” and “”; multinationals and media groups such as “”, “” and “”; as well as events and regional initiatives such as “”, “”, “”, “” and “”, etc.

“We are energized by the adoption of the .Asia domains exemplifying our philosophy: ‘From Asia, For Asia’. Businesses and initiatives embracing the .Asia domain are coming from Asia as well as from around the world who are targeting services for Asia – the Asia market and the Asian audience,” adds Edmon. “The usage of .Asia domain names by small and large companies alike demonstrates the value of an Asia centric Internet web address.”

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