New Technology Tackles Current Crisis in Real Estate

Riverdale, NJ, August 06, 2008 --( Blue Realty GMAC Real Estate Services is rolling out the Real Estate Simulator® to deal with the real estate industry’s changing demographics.

The Real Estate industry is experiencing its first succession planning emergency. According to Charles Blumenkehl, President and founder of Blue Realty GMAC, "The National Association of Realtors recently reported that the average age for Real Estate brokers and agents is in the mid-50’s.That means we need to find the next generation pretty quickly.”

Blumenkehl continued, “Using Web-based technologies is critical to attract the young and tech-savvy generation. Our Real Estate Sales Managers need ways to appeal to these potential agents. The Real Estate Simulator is compelling for the new generation of agents because it allows them to test drive a career in real estate – in a way that is fun and interactive. We are confident that by introducing the simulator we will see an increase in our ability to attract Generation X and Y candidates to our industry and company."

According to NAR, new Realtors today face several challenges:
1) New agents have little staying power – 50% of new real estate agents last one year on the job or less;
2) New agents don’t perform consistently – 25% of new real estate agents will sell only one house in their first year; and
3) New agents don’t have the right skills – only 15% of new agents have sales backgrounds.

“The needs of new recruits make it even more important to recruit widely and well. The Real Estate Simulator gives managers a better chance at hiring the right talent right off the bat,” says Blue Realty GMAC General Sales Manager William Lawrence. “It’s difficult to find good sales people when the pool of candidates is getting younger. But, because the simulator provides accurate feedback on the critical skills and abilities required to succeed in real estate, managers can make more informed hiring decisions.”

Blue Realty GMAC is the #1 independently owned Real Estate broker in the New Jersey GMAC Real Estate network. For more information about Blue Realty GMAC or to explore a career in Real Estate, contact Bill Lawrence at (800) 936-SOLD/7653 or log onto the company website at

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