A New Dimension Has Been Added to a Website for Fhoppers Wishing to Deliver Flowers in the Caribbean

Miami, FL, April 27, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Originally launched both as a way of allowing international shoppers to contact the Caribbean for flower delivery and as an experiment in search engine optimization, the website has now moved on to actually selling flowers itself.

Unable to find the products that he wanted in the Caribbean by using search engines on the Internet, the website’s founder took it upon himself to do something. In late 2005 the website was launched and simply sent individual responses to people on the Internet who sent emails asking about flower shops in the Caribbean. Soon after the launch both florists and consumers contacted the Webmaster and told him of their needs. Online shoppers could not find the flowers that they wanted delivered to many of islands and many florists could not get onto the Internet for one reason or another.

The developer then partnered with both international websites and local florists to allow users to compare arrangements online. It was no longer necessary to call individual florists. Eventually the site was changed from an information resource into a store.

Flowers are now available for delivery in Trinidad and Tobago for Mother’s Day but arrangements for delivery in other islands are constantly being added as the florist network grows or as florists submit their arrangements for sale to Caribbeanflowershop.com.

Caribbeanflowershop.com is on its way to actively selling flowers for delivery across the region.

James Smith