Chefs Without Frontiers Expands the Horizons of Food Sites

Chefs Without Frontiers is an interactive website consisting of stories, articles, and commentary on eating, cooking, and entertaining. Chefs Without Frontiers encourages readers world-wide to contribute their thoughts and ideas on all things food.

Miami Beach, FL, August 07, 2008 --( Chefs Without Frontiers is a new site dedicated to expanding the horizons of conventional cooking sites by offering readers insights into a variety of interesting topics revolving around food.

Focusing on travel pieces as they relate to eating, political polemics discussing the exigencies of food in our world today, and personal perspectives on the art of dining, Chefs Without Frontiers is not just another recipe site. With its expanding resource section, one can find a variety of interesting recipes and links to recipe sites, but the focus of this food site is more philosophical, entertaining, and educational.

Chefs Without Frontiers invites the reading public to contribute according to each topic offered. A Writer’s Guide is available for download through the site, explaining the parameters for submission. Writers who wish to have their voices heard as regards food, eating out, travel, how politics affects consumption, or anecdotes relating to cooking and entertaining, have a platform from which they can express themselves and be read by thousands of interested visitors eager for more insight on food and cooking.

As cooking sites increase in popularity, it is refreshing to read material that is slightly off the beaten path from “what’s up in the kitchen”. Readers have the benefit of virtually visiting other countries, where stories are offered that reflect various cultures that we might not otherwise visit. As food is one of our greatest common denominators, what better way to share what we know within our own culture with those around the world.

Chefs Without Frontiers is a fledgling website that is maturing with each installment of material. Visitors are commenting on the elegance of this cooking site as well as its interesting and diverse content.

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Michele Kadison