RNCOS Predicts 15% Growth in UK Bottled Water Market by 2012

The bottled water segment in the UK is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15% by 2012 on account of rising health awareness, hot conditions, and supply of poor quality tap water.

Delhi, India, August 09, 2008 --(PR.com)-- According to a research report by RNCOS, “UK Health Drinks Market”, with increasing emphasis on improving the health conditions in the UK, sales of health and energy drinks, particularly bottled drinking water, have grown considerably in recent years, and bottled water has now become a substitute for tap water in the country.

The report identifies that poor quality of water in some regions, rising health awareness, and hot conditions have together pushed up the sales of bottled water in the country; however, the market still has the potential to grow further.

The report says that the sales of the bottled water are anticipated to jack up at a CAGR of 15% from 2008 to 2012. Moreover, there are vast growth opportunities for bottled water brands, particularly regional ones, as consumers are increasingly gaining awareness on sustainability issues and have started questioning the advantages of buying imported bottled water. While most of the leading brands have witnessed a strong growth in sales, it is expected that own-labels will see surge in sales with the development of their own brand premium products. Also, the ethically concerned products are likely to gain more market share with consumers starting to opt for green products.

However, in spite of the phenomenal growth in bottled water segment, consumption in the UK is much lower than other European countries. While the consumption in the UK is at top with nearly 50%, consumption in France, Germany and Italy is around 90%.

“UK Health Drinks Market” comprehensively discusses the health and energy drinks market in the UK with focus on market trends in all the segments to help client identify the segment with highest potential. It also provides an overview on past, current and future scenario of various product segments to give an analysis on sales and consumption.

The RNCOS research provides forecast on retail sales of fruit juice, still & juice drinks, sports & energy drinks, and smoothies. The report takes into account the changing consumer preferences and behavior while giving the future direction of the market.

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