Successful Brand Visioneer Completes First-Ever Event for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners To Radically Change the Way They Communicate

Hands-On Intensive Gives Any Business the Power to Create A Brand in Just Three Days

Los Angeles, CA, May 01, 2006 --( “The axiom teach a man to fish and he eats for a life greatly applies to marketing effectively.” says BrandU® Co Founder Kim Castle. A theory she backed up in the first-ever “brand-by-fire” event held April in Los Angeles specifically geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners who don’t think of themselves as small.

Business success company, BrandU®, helps entrepreneurs and small business owners ensure that every marketing step they take is effective by giving them the knowledge and the tools to define their company, product or service as a brand. This innovative company has created world’s #1 branding system. It is a step-by-step process that gives business owners of all sizes a thorough understanding of why their company, products or service exists and the ability to create instant communication, build a consumer experience that accelerates increased revenue, and ensure a long lasting relationship with customers. 

After nearly three years of teaching their successful one-day workshops, the company held the first-ever 3-Day Branding Intensive April 7-9 in Los Angeles.
This is the first time ever that business owners will be able to completely defined their brand in just 3 days. Castle adds, “It’s the systematic approach to big brand communications that makes such a huge feat possible in just three days. It completely turns the tables on the typical creative consultant approach into brand strategy and identity by keeping the power of the business vision with the one who created it — the business owner.” 

Each participant walked away with their own exclusive brand bible — their definitive rulebook of their business. This bible informs how all collateral is created, all marketing is done, even how business decisions are made. Establishing brand rules sets any business apart from their competition and gives them exponential power and impact in the marketplace. They left saying,
“Your 3-day intensive really pushed me to learn who my business really is. The power and the extreme clarity I gained out the other side is absolutely incredible. The work you do changes the soul of a business. Thanks to you, I’m never giving my business power away ever again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”— Kim Rhodes, CA 

“Countless lights went off with every step of your process. I have tried to do this myself for several years and got nowhere. Being coached through the process was incredible. It opened my eyes AND gave me a finished brand all at once.” — Marlene Mitchell, Texas 

Kim Castle has been an integral part of several top-advertising agencies in New York and Los Angeles and started her own design firm in 1991, Why Communications the marketing and multi-media boutique agency, where she currently serves as Vice President and Creative Director. Kim speaks internationally on how creating a brand gives the individual the power to complete in this “small is the new big” marketplace. She has been seen on the stages of T. Harv Ekker’s World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar and Mark Victor Hansen’s (Chicken Soup for the Soul) Mega Marketing Magic. 

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