Community Partnerships and Verizon Foundation Launch Summer Scholarship Program for Children with Disabilities

Raleigh, NC, August 10, 2008 --( Community Partnerships, Inc. (CPI) today announced a new scholarship program for preschool children with developmental disabilities. Funded by the Verizon Foundation, CPI’s Summer Scholarship program provides free Early Intervention therapies for financially-needy children.

“CPI has been serving preschool children with disabilities in Wake County Public Schools for many years,” says Kathi Gillaspy, Director of Childhood Services at CPI. “During the school year, we provide speech, occupational, and developmental therapies right in the classroom, where the children we serve are able to learn and participate in activities with their more typically-developing peers. But when the school year ends, many of these children lose access to that support. The Summer Scholarship program will close that gap in services and will help scholarship recipients build and maintain their skills over the summer. They’ll be better prepared to start the new school year and to be successful in classrooms which include their friends and peers without disabilities.”

CPI’s Early Intervention program has been working with children with developmental disabilities for over 20 years. The goal of the program is to help children with significant disabilities realize their full potential, become more successful in fully integrated learning environments, and become less likely to be placed in segregated classes for “special” children.

“We at Verizon are pleased to have developed a relationship with Community Partnerships Inc., and know the services they provide are critical to the individuals they serve and to the community,” says Stan Pace, State Director for Verizon’s Corporate Public Affairs, Policy & Communication. “It is important to the Verizon Foundation that programs such as Early Intervention be sustained and maintained and our corporate support to help make that happen fits right into the Educational goals of the Foundation.”

About Community Partnerships, Inc.
Community Partnerships, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people of all ages with disabilities or social and economic disadvantages to pursue their dreams and engage fully in community life. Last year, CPI’s direct service programs helped over 1,000 people achieve their educational, career, and community goals as they worked toward increased self-sufficiency and independence. Tracing its roots back over 20 years in Wake County, CPI now provides services to those in need in Durham, Cumberland, and Wayne Counties.

Community Partnerships, Inc.
Nicole Smith