National Magazine for Foreign Students Takes Aim, Again

World Scholar, the only magazine for international students studying in the United States is now in its second print. The magazine has received positive feedback from students and college administrators around the US.

Brooklyn, NY, April 29, 2006 --( World Scholar (, the only nationally-circulated magazine for international students in the United States, recently announced the publication of its spring/summer issue.

The magazine's cover story addresses the measures US lawmakers are taking to attract more international students. Since September 2001, there has been a slow decline in international student enrollment due to increased visa restrictions coupled with a sleuth of new changes that have barred some students from entering the country or enrolling in some courses. The article shows how politicians (from the president to local government officials) are attempting to counteract the negative perceptions some prospective students have around the world.

In World Scholar’s summer issue, the part of the bill that encompasses the immigration reform issue and has a significant impact on international students is discussed.

The spring/summer issue also informs students how to find on- and off-campus jobs, other foreign student-related news articles and profiles of several students who are winning awards, tackling the government or living on their own terms, and loving it. It’s also the travel issue and features several key destinations welcoming to the student traveler.

“World Scholar continues to provide relevant material to foreign students, faculty, foreign student advisors and other persons working in international student development," publisher Jeremiah Hyacinth said. "We have created a magazine that gives solid information to foreign students, as well as providing general news to our key readers."

The magazine also announced it would host the first National Conference on Foreign Students in fall 2007

“The aim of this conference is quite simple: to bring together an international audience and promote discussion on issues affecting foreign students in the United States,” Hyacinth said.

Another objective is to examine the role of international education in emerging economies and new global opportunities for foreign students. A number of politicians, foreign dignitaries, professors, business leaders and students will be invited to speak at this global forum.

About World-Scholar:
World Scholar is a nationally distributed magazine for international students studying and living in the United States. Each semester, 100,000 copies featuring articles on legal, academic, social, and general living issues plus fashion and electronics product features are available to college/university offices for international students throughout the United States. Single copies can be requested by visiting the Web site

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