Engaged Vs. Disengaged Employees - How They View Their Boss

Chicago, IL, August 13, 2008 --(PR.com)-- A significant difference between how Disengaged Employees feel about their boss versus Engaged Employees, across all industries, was discovered in a recent HR Solutions’ research study. Employee Engagement Survey results revealed that Disengaged Employees registered 56 percentage points lower than Engaged Employees on the following survey items:

My supervisor supports employee suggestions that are meant to correct existing problems. (Engaged Employees: 88% favorable, Disengaged Employees: 32% favorable)

My supervisor makes people in our work group feel that they are a valued and important part of the team. (Engaged Employees: 88% favorable, Disengaged Employees: 32% favorable)

The second most significant gap was found when employees were asked whether they find their supervisor friendly and helpful. Disengaged Employees only scored 40% favorable compared to a high of 90% favorable for Engaged Employees.

Murat Philippe, Principal Consultant, with HR Solutions states: “These scores underscore the importance of the immediate supervisor in engaging the workforce. A supervisor’s chances of having productive, engaged employees can hinge on whether the employees feel valued and empowered.”

HR Solutions’ Normative Database is comprised of over 2.2 million respondents from 2,100 organizations across various industries; all surveyed by HR Solutions, Inc.


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Carrie Parks