FineMIM Has Produced Ultra Thin Metal Fan Blades Utilizing the Metal Injection Molding Process

Utilizing a Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process, FineMIM has developed and produced ultra thin integrally-molded metal fan blades for the laptops. This design allows for greater airflow, additional blades and a more aerodynamic airstream. To improve the ability of laptops to keep hardware cool... - January 10, 2019 - FineMIM Tech Co., Ltd.

FineMIM Adds Titanium Metal Injection Molding to Its MIM Capabilities

FineMIM adds Titanium Metal Injection Molding (TiMIM) capabilities to its MIM portfolio of materials that include stainless steels, alloys and ceramics in China. - December 31, 2018 - FineMIM Tech Co., Ltd.

Power Engineering and Delivers Safer Bridge Inspection Walkways

Power Engineering and GS Metals is delivering its promise to supply inspectors a safer, more efficient approach to inspecting any bridge's underside. At hundreds of feet above rivers and lakes, these rickety walkways create a potentially dangerous situation -- not to mention an uneasy experience for inspection workers. - October 07, 2015 - Power Engineering Co. Inc.

Vortex Mixing Technology Rises to the Challenge for a Value Powder Mixer

With the development of the industry and consumer demand on the rise, high performance, efficient and complicated powder handling process technology is required by every manufacturer. While there are less labor costs, more automatic systems are appearing in factories. So, choosing the right, high... - March 19, 2015 - Vortex Mixing Technology Co., Ltd

IPPSA (International Production Planning and Scheduling Association)

Educational Production Scheduling Webinars... What is more important than managing your resources? - July 20, 2005 - IPPSA

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