Jamesr R Johnson and Assoc. Would Like to Announce New Product

Jamesr R Johnson and Assoc. Would Like to Announce New Product

Jamesr Product Line Alta Data Technologies New MIL-STD-1553 NLINE-T1553 Thunderbolt - November 18, 2021 - James R. Johnson & Assoc., Inc.

Arastu Systems Announces Design Facility in Vadodara to Support Global Business Operations

Arastu Systems, a product engineering company having its Design House in Ahmedabad, India announces a working facility at the Vadodara location in the state of Gujarat, India. This is a significant achievement for the company and they plan to expand the resource strength at the Vadodara location to 25+ engineers by end of 2021. - February 20, 2021 - Arastu Systems

Vecow Embedded Engines Are Ready to Support 5G Networks

Featuring leading computing performance, supporting 5G networks, smart manageability, industrial-grade reliability, system-oriented integration, Vecow embedded engines is your trusted solution for any mission-critical real-time AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications. - October 08, 2019 - Vecow Co., Ltd.

Vecow Successfully Expands Fanless Embedded Engines for Service Robots in Asia Markets

Powered by Vecow Fanless Embedded Engines, service robots are delivering cleaning tasks in public areas such as at airports, museums and galleries in Asia. They are designed to have personality, human-like, fully coordinated and act as autonomous teams for enhanced productivity and improved cleaning results. - September 28, 2019 - Vecow Co., Ltd.

Arastu Systems Assists a New York Based Clinical Laboratory Optimize Their Specimen Collection Process

JustTrackers, an IoT based platform, designed by Arastu Systems is being successfully utilized by a New York based laboratory. The solution helps in operational enhancement, by solving challenges such as eradicating excessive paperwork, tracking and managing specimen collection in real-time, etc. Try its free trial version at, www.justtrackers.com - July 04, 2019 - Arastu Systems

Arastu Systems Announces FPGA based Hardware Platform - ARSFPVX7-1R

Arastu Systems announces an FPGA based Hardware Platform for data acquisition applications. The platform has been utilized to capture data in high-performance devices and space related applications. - June 13, 2019 - Arastu Systems

An Infrastructure Development Firm Adopts Arastu Systems Justtrackers Solution

Arastu Systems announces successful deployment of their software platform - Justtrackers. It has been adopted by an Infrastructure company, but also cater to applications in diverse industries. Challenges such asset or resource tracking and management can be easily addressed using Justtrackers. Arastu’s solution helps customers reduce operational cost, improvise efforts and optimize processes. - February 28, 2019 - Arastu Systems

Arastu Systems Announces FPGA Implementation for Their Low Latency Switch Solution

Financial trading systems companies require an ethernet solution that provides low latency during real-time payload. Considering the application needs, Arastu Systems, a product engineering company, has their Low latency Ethernet Switch solution validated on FPGA. They verified the real-time speed for the solution by monitoring live traffic. - February 08, 2019 - Arastu Systems

A Fortune 500 F&B Manufacturer Achieves Increased Plant Efficiency Leveraging Arastu’s PlantOI Solution

Arastu Systems assists a Fortune 500 Food and Beverage Manufacturer with their challenge related to capturing Breakdown and Stoppage information during downtime using their Industrial IoT solution. Arastu’s PlantOI solution helped customer optimize their production process. - September 07, 2018 - Arastu Systems

Arastu Systems Evolving in the Industry with a Strategic Roadmap

Arastu Systems are expanding resourcefully and technologically with a quadrupled floor space. The company has come a long way in offering its services to industry customers. They have created an sustainable environment and are significantly advancing with lucid roadmap. - April 08, 2018 - Arastu Systems

Arastu Systems Enhances Outreach with the Establishment of Its Global Sales Channel

Arastu Systems, a product engineering company, today announces the presence of its Global Sales Channel through established sales partners in Asia and Israel. The company is excited to cater to opportunities in the newer market horizons. - December 30, 2017 - Arastu Systems

Arastu Systems Announces Highly Flexible and Compact DDR3/4 Single Controller

System Designers during the early stages of planning are skeptic about the performance requirements. Arastu Systems have launched an optimized DDR3/4 dual DRAM Controller that provides an optimum solution to address the concern. The controller provides flexibility to customers to choose their memories without compromising on the cost and performance. - August 05, 2016 - Arastu Systems

Arastu Systems Announces DFI 4.0 Compatible and Validated LPDDR4 DRAM Memory Controller

LPDDR4 Controller developed using verilog that supports speeds up to 3200 MT/s. Some of the features include support for multiple power saving modes, DRAM testing, multiple channel support, Look Ahead command processing and Bank Management. Mainly catered for industries such as automotive, graphic processing, consumer gadgets like smartphones, tablets etc. - April 09, 2016 - Arastu Systems

Powerbank: from Concept to Current Day Necessity - New Design Available by Hope Valley

The brief history of the power bank and the development of the modern use. - February 16, 2014 - RJS Freedom Enterprises LLC

Apacer Announces the New Industrial Embedded Secure Digital (SD) Card

Featuring Both SLC and MLC Flash Architectures - July 13, 2011 - Apacer Technology

Apacer Military Standard-Compliant Memory Module

Anti-vibration successfully tested to 12G per the U.S. military standard MIL-STD-202G. - April 21, 2011 - Apacer Technology

Heraeus Features High Performance Sputter Targets at PVSEC Valencia

Heraeus Thin Film Materials Division (TMD) will showcase a brand-new high purity indium tube target – featuring a ‘near net shape’ – that offers improved results for the production of CIG / CIGS PV solar cells. Drawing from a comprehensive portfolio of sputter targets for a-Si, CIGS, CdTe and crystalline PV applications, Heraeus will exhibit the new sprayed ZAO tubes for TCO layers, micro-alloyed CIG targets (planar and tube form factors), and high purity 4N+ CuGa and 4N to 5N Indium tubes. - September 04, 2010 - W.C. Heraeus - Thin Film Materials Division

CEntrance Ships AxePort Pro USB Direct Box

CEntrance, Inc. has started shipping the AxePort Pro 24/96 USB Direct Box, ideal for guitar and bass players who want to quickly record a musical idea on the go directly to Windows or Mac, jam with plug-in software or practice silently using headphones. AxePort Pro sounds incredible, is perfect for those wanting to record with the guitar or bass they already have rather than buying a USB guitar, and is available for $149.95. - November 08, 2008 - CEntrance

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