If your revenue, your talent or your brand is not growing as rapidly as you'd like N2growth can help... The N2growth service lines were specifically engineered to focus on key success metrics that catalyze and sustain growth. We combine a unique array of service offerings including a full range of branding and identity services, market research, innovation management, leadership development, business intelligence, executive search and talent management, sales and product engineering, CEO forums, executive coaching, strategic growth consulting, public relations, advertising, and marketing services. 

Ask any venture capital or private equity firm and they will be the first to tell you that it takes much more than money to be a success. This is why VC’s and private equity firms refer their portfolio companies to us. Along with capital, it takes a combination of experience, talent, market knowledge and a whole litany of professional services implemented at the right time to profitably grow an enterprise.

Businesses whose management teams are stretched/short-handed tend to struggle with timing and prioritization of key decisions. There is rarely enough time in a day, enough resources to tap (internal or external) or enough budget in a month to quickly, efficiently and profitably grow the company. Most executives are too busy working in the company and not on the company.

Early stage and mid-market companies looking to take their business to the next level typically require a wide array skill sets, core competencies and professional services to grow their companies. The problem is that organizations in the earlier years of the corporate lifecycle often are lacking the depth and/or breadth of experience and talent to do the things that need doing when they need to be done. Just because a company has a good product or service does not necessarily mean that it will have a growing, sustainable and profitable business.

History shows that when an enterprise has had access to all the talent, experience and professional services that it needed during the early years of its lifecycle there is a corresponding certainty of execution that occurs. This in turn creates acceleration in the company’s velocity of growth resulting in increased profitability, brand awareness and sustainability.

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