Indexpo Corporation

Indexpo Corporation

We are manufacturers and exporters of handcrafted, designer, Eco-friendly, 100% Bio degradable value added jute products for use in the Interior Decoration and event decorations such as conference centers, banquet halls, pavilions.

We also undertake event decoration and pavilion building on a turnkey basisusing Eco-friendly and 100% Bio-degradable materials.

For decorating the interiors we market various types of Jute sculptures, Jute decorative motifs, Jute wall pictures, Jute canvas with embedded jute drawings, giant & small Jute flower vases, welcome decorations for various events, conferences, wall decor items and many more decorative pieces.

Due to their unique handicraft value and ethnic looks these items become a pride of possession to the user. These can be a very good gift idea as well.

This apart we also manufacture and export Jute hammocks, Jute hanging chairs, Jute wall hangings, Jute shopping bags, beach bags, wine bags, Jute Ladies vanity bags, Jute hangings Jute Slippers, Jute Bedroom slippers, Jute Cruise slippers, Jute Table Mats, Jute Coasters, Jute floor coverings, having a huge potential of being used in the household, beauty care, hotel and hospitality sector.

We are located in Kolkata ( Calcutta), West Bengal, India, the hub of Jute industry in the World.

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1. Jute wall pictures :-

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4. Event decorations :-

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Our other products have been showcased in the following URLs:-

1. Slippers for Casual wear :-

2. Hotel Slippers :-

3. Designer Slippers :-

4. Fancy slippers :-

5. Coasters, Table mats, floor mats :-

6. Hangings, decorative items, Hammocks etc. :-

7. Handicrafts, Vanity bags, Decorative items etc. :-

8. Shopping bags, Vanity bags, Tote bags, Wine bags, beach bags etc. :-

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Company History

Indexpo Corporation

Indexpo Corporation started its operation initially by marketing the creative talents of the rural artisians of West Bengal in the area of Jute handicrafts.

In the first phase it only concentrated its operations in promoting a novelty item 'Jute slippers' which find wide applications in the home, fashion, leisure and hospitality industry. The categories include casual wear, hotel, fancy slippers.

Gradually, the focus was extended towards mats, coasters, hammocks, hanging chairs, wall hangings, shopping bags, vanity bags, tote bags, small gift items and the like.

On tasting the success in the domestic sector of these items the focus was further broadened on the Interior decoration sector. As a result various handicraft products were developed covering small decorative items such as flower vase, motifs, wall pictures etc.

On an aggresive note the focus was then further widened to event decoration items. These include pavallion decoration on a turn key basis, giant flower vases, life size Jute sculptures and many more decorative items.

Today Indexpo Corporation is proud to announce that it deals with a very wide range of products that no one else deals with and that the products are unique and till now no other organisation in the Jute sector can match the product range that are offered by Indexpo Corporation.

Indexpo Corporation believes that the rural talents, if properly nurtured, can bring out the creativity that is latent amongst the individuals, to bring about a seaway of change in the product design and category in the Jute handicraft sector.

Today Indexpo Corporation's thrust area is in training the rural artisians and helping them to market their products so that they can enjoy a quality life style which had been so far ignored.

Indexpo Corporation has brought into its fold about 200 rural artisians who solely work for the organisation and have managed to make a decent livelyhood.