Achieve Radio

Achieve Radio is an internet radio station, web radio station or streaming radio station (call it whatever you like) that broadcasts talk shows. As such, we are in the entertainment business: part of the media, if you will. Achieve Radio specializes in talk shows that focus on personal achievement, growth, or success in some way. We air shows that present alternative views, alternative lifestyles, and alternative motivations. Achieve Radio is dedicated to helping our listeners succeed in every aspect of life and to find a path that fits them. You will hear many different business suggestions here, and many different moral, religious, motivational, health and lifestyle choices. We are about freedom of speech.

We also want our listeners to be entertained. The radio talk show is a popular
medium and can be a good form of entertainment. And our shows are no different there. What is different is that our talk shows present guests you may not hear on traditional radio presenting alternative views and opinions you may not often hear anywhere else. We are about personal choice.

This does NOT mean our station broadcasts only unknowns. Many of our hosts and guests are very well known in their fields, such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens and "Mad Cowboy" Howard Lyman who have appeared on "Living Healthy" with Agi Lidle as well as a number of syndicated radio shows, and Brother Satyananda, William Meader and Rev. Billie Martini who were guests on "Intuitive Living" with the Rev.Therese Inzerillo. Dr. Catherine Saltzman is very well known in the U.S. and Europe. We have even featured cameo and guest appearances by stars such as Rachel Hunter, Jeffrey Gurian and "Galloping Gourmet" Graham Kerr.

Achieve Radio is also about interaction. Callers usually get far more time than the 15 to 30 seconds given by most talk radio programs. Listeners are invited to call in with questions or comments or to send an instant message to our hosts with the "In-Quick" instant message system on our interact page. If your topic is mad cow disease, medication or meditation, we want you to chat with our guests and learn from them (or teach them!): That's the idea.

Achieve Radio is about diversity. On health, Agi Lidle has interviewed MD's PhD's, ND's, Holistic Practitioners, vegans, Enzyme Researchers, Medical Intuitives and a host of others to make available to our listeners the complete, integrative health and medical picture. Our other health shows, featuring Dr. Catherine Saltzman, The WholeLife Pages, Sherry Anshara, Alex Hermosillo and Cynthia Drasler cover the entire range of health from chemical toxicity to esoteric energy healing. We think this is the most comprehensive integrative health message on the air anywhere. Our business lineup runs the spectrum from home business to small business to large business, featuring a wealth of diverse business and financial advice at every level from Danielle Hampson on networking, Stasia Trivison on personal financial achievement and Lou Woody on small business issues. We also feature a wide variety of spiritual, New Age and metaphysical programming, (we feature a Metaphysical Monday with The Happy Healer Alex Hermosillo, Rev. Therese Inzerillo and Barbara South), as well as traditional religious programming. On a lighter note, Steve Deubel will take the mystery out of home improvement projects and motivator Maureen G. Mulvaney, better known as MGM will show you how to Turbo Charge your life. We even foray into politics, sports, music and entertainment now and then, with a golf show in the wings for May and Harryzona's Talk Music in April and the Jerry Baker Band, Jerry Baker and Gary Raub, hosting a new music show in late April or May.

Main Stream to Mystical, Cutting Edge to Controversial, Corporate to Ethereal
we'll air it.

If you're interested in anything, you will eventually hear it on Achieve Radio. From common sense politics to hard science to esoteric voyages exploring every corner of the metaphysical realm to a wide range of hard financial topics to Medical Doctors to Intuitive Healers to motivational speakers to home improvement to golf.

Achieve Radio, exploring every aspect of our amazing world.
It's what talk radio should be...

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