Global pet recovery service for missing and found pets utilizing a unique identification tracking system to identify pet owners, and also provides a lost pet listing service for lost and found pets. The purpose of RECOVERYPETS.COM is to provide an effective low cost tracking system for caring pet owners that register their pets' with the service. Each pet is assigned a Unique Tracking ID Number, so when the pet is found the number can be entered into the website, and matched with the owners contact information, this number is imprinted on the free pet ID tag that come with the registration.

And, because the service is web-based, recovery of a pet can be done anywhere in the world, as long as there is access to the Internet. Another benefit of the service is that it allows the pet owner to announce a reward if any is being offered, and with our contacts with animal shelters and pet rescue agencies,and with up to 10 contact numbers or email address and lifetime updates, recovering you pet could not be simpler

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