Blueline Editorial

Blueline Editorial
Blueline Editorial

We Make Every Word Count For You. Publicity, public relations, marketing campaigns, marketing consulting and communications auditing and planning, business and technical communications, corporate communications, and marketing communications for all media.

We have worked for start-ups and national and international corporations, as well as businesses and organizations in California, Connecticut, D.C., Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, Liberia, United Kingdom, and Norway.

Our clients include arts associations, authors, educational institutions, graphic design firms, software developers, web developers, Internet services providers, online training providers, writers’organizations, book and magazine publishers, executive coaching and management consulting firms, document management and conversion providers, a media broker, film and theater production companies, technical consulting firms, a business-to-business marketing firm, a collections company, a strategic branding firm, a web marketing consultant, an employment network, social welfare organizations, labor unions, local municipalities, a utilities company, heating and air conditioning solutions providers, a sports education provider, sporting goods manufacturers, a manufacturer of fashion accessories, a health and lifestyle products manufacturer, a building cleaning supply and services company, and advertising agencies.

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