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Quote My Finance is a division of Quote My Technology ACN 111 088 343

The concept behind Quote My Technology is to create a streamlined process for end users to procure personalised quotes and customer service when searching for products and services. With dedicated systems covering all states and territories, and with a vision to expand internationally, we are able to resolve quotations from a local or broader area depending upon your specific requirements.

Quote My Finance will achieve this aim by providing a service that allows our clients to lodge their enquiry via a web browser on a relatively simple form, based upon the information provided in the clients form, businesses and or service providers which are accredited members of the Quote My Alliance will then be able to respond by e-mail, telephone or facsimile with a competitive response.

To improve the competitive nature of the response, QMT will allow our clients to select the maximum number of local businesses to which their contact details may be provided. Our business model is based on the Quote My Finance service being provided entirely FREE to all Quote My clients...

Upon receipt of an enquiry form, Quote My Finance will forward the information to suitably qualified businesses, Lenders, Loan Originators and Mortgage Brokers operating in a field relevant to the enquiry. These accredited product / service providers will be able to assess your enquiry details for free, excluding your contact details; If the provider then decides (based on the information provided in the enquiry form) that they wish to quote, they are able to pay a small access fee to obtain the otherwise excluded contact details allowing them to make direct contact with the client and complete the enquiry fulfilment process.

The client determines how many times their contact details are able to be accessed by potential service providers. The default number is 3, however the client may elect to have their enquiry provided from between 3 to 10 responses, alternately the client may elect to leave the quotation number open ended and set the number of days that their enquiry may be viewed and accessed for.

Our business model is designed to ensure that service providers who are serious about gaining your business will return only realistic, competitive responses to clients. Saving you valuable time and your own resources.

To aid in quality management QMT has stringent qualification criteria that must be met prior to a business or service provider gaining "QM Alliance" status.


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