BXAD Music Promotions

BXAD Music Promotions

BXAD Music Promotions.

Bathurst-After-Dark is a website which started out being only about the local music scene, but over the course of the 2 years of its life span (Jan 2002 - Today, Dec 2003), we have branched out to include other services, the main being the news and article section.

In January of 2002, Rob Premus and Brett Stevens decided that Bathurst needed a website about the music, musicians and nightlife of the city, and thus began the legend; Bathurstafterdark.

At first it was a static website, with a little information and some Javascript games, jokes, beer games etc. In March 2002, we introduced the 'Gig Guide In Your Email', and to this day we have people signing up on a regular basis to recieve this weekly newsletter with news and the gig-guide for the coming weekend. This is a favourite amongst the local audience.

Brett began studying website production in early 2002, taking on the role of webmaster, while Rob became the 'Face' of the website, going out and taking photo's of the people and bands that make up the night-life of the city.

In early 2003, Rob left the Website to work in the mines and Brett took over all aspects of the website. Sadly, the photo section has slowed down to a dribble, but other sections have flourished.

After buying our own domain name (www.bathurstafterdark.com), we have constantly up-graded the site to what it is today; an interactive, community hub. A place to find out what is really happening in this great town of Bathurst, Australia.


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