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International Shark Diving Started Here

For over 100 years, since whaling times, scattered reports of huge Great White sharks up and down the Pacific coast of North America and Mexico have been known. In the 1970’s a rash of attacks in California waters on surfers by White Sharks caused the public to become aware that something largely unseen but deadly inhabited the same waters. In the early 80’s researchers discovered that the National Marine Sanctuary's Ano Nuevo Island, and Isla Guadalupe off the pacific coast held a fascinating secret. Large and stable populations of adult Great Whites, which returned year after year to the same sites to feed on Northern Elephant Seals and tuna.

In 1998 long range fishing boats out of San Diego started reporting fantastic interactions with numerous Great Whites while fishing for world-class tuna. Great Whites were surging up from the crystal clear waters and attacking their catches right at the boat, Great White sharks from 14-19 feet in length!

Shark Diver is excited to offer 5-day expeditions to Isla Guadalupe to view this pristine and untouched site. In less than 3 years it has now been established that Great Whites have a large and valuable presence in Pacific waters, with three known areas where Great Whites congregate year after year and are able to be viewed with relative ease by interested divers and shark researchers. This recent discovery in Mexico is the most exciting yet. Our established goal for this new site is careful cage diver interactions combined with long-term behavioral research.

Your Opportunity

Shark Diver wants to share with you Mexico’s and the worlds most dramatic White Shark and premier shark destinations. This fall Shark Diver will continue operations with offshore shark observation and cage diving in 100-foot visability at Isla Guadalupe with up to 7 Great Whites at a time. We'll also be in the Bahamas with Tigers and Honduras in a deep diving submarine. Call us today. The ultimate dive adventure is a lot closer than you think!