Go Sharkin’ - Get the iPod Nano

Sometimes you really get what you want. Shark Diver gives you the Apple iPod just in time for Christmas.

Go Sharkin’ - Get the iPod Nano
San Diego, CA, November 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Adventure seekers looking to encounter Great White sharks on a unique cage diving vacation with SharkDiver.com in 2008 will get more than they bargained for with a brand new iPod nano before Christmas.

“In celebration of our sixth year of successful and stunning Great White shark encounters at Isla Guadalupe, we decided to send iPods to all new divers for 2008,” said CEO Patric Douglas. “Our divers always want video of their white shark encounters. Now with these new third generation iPods, they can download videos from our website and share them with everyone.”

In a world of free iPod giveaways, Shark Diver stands out. The company will ship an iPod nano to divers on the day they book a 2008 white shark expedition so they will have it within the week.

There’s no waiting, no surprises -- it is the perfect giveaway for media savvy adventure divers. Shark Diver’s iPod nanos come in silver and hold two gigabytes worth of video, images and music.

“The dive world has really embraced digital media,” says Douglas. “Today most of our divers shoot in digital, so having a player that holds images and video and allows them to access the exciting moments they spend with us, whenever they like, makes their adventure spring to life all over again.”

Located 210 miles off the coast of Mexico, Isla Guadalupe has become the worldwide recognized dive destination for an unprecedented number of Great White sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) and provides exceptional opportunities for divers seeking encounters with these misunderstood denizens of the deep.

About Shark Diver
Recently featured on the 20th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, SharkDiver.com has been thrilling divers from around the world for the past six years with safe and exciting shark encounters. Shark Diver has expanded to offer cage diving trips with Tiger sharks in the Bahamas, Giant Squid encounters, as well as deep-dive submarine trips to see giant deepwater sharks in Roatan.

CEO Patric Douglas is a natural born eco-adventurer who started his career in the U.S.Virgin Islands in hotel tourism, spent several years as a tour guide in Vietnam, Bali, Hong Kong, Australia/New Zealand and Latin America and served as an extreme adventure reporter for CBS in San Francisco, CA. He also founded the outdoor adventure club "Absolute Adventures" in 1998 which continues to thrive in San Francisco to this day.

For the past several years, Douglas has dedicated his time and energy to providing educational and interactive experiences for his clients through shark diving. In addition, Shark Diver, along with its partners, recently launched the non-profit Isla Guadalupe Conservation Fund and is partially funding efforts to preserve the habitat and safe study the Great White shark species at the island.

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