SharkDiver.Com CEO Featured on 20th Anniversary of Shark Week

Discovery Channel's 20th Anniversary of Shark Week features CEO of

SharkDiver.Com CEO Featured on 20th Anniversary of Shark Week
San Diego, CA, July 25, 2007 --( Shark adventurer and CEO of Shark Diver, Patric Douglas, will be featured on an upcoming episode of Shark Week for Discovery Channel’s “Perfect Predators” airing August 1, 2007 at 9.00pm

Patric Douglas was interviewed at length about white shark migrations and ongoing shark science in the Pacific region of Baja’s Isla Guadalupe. The island, now a named Bio-Sphere Reserve, is home to a prolific population of great white sharks. Douglas and his team have been running caged shark eco-tours at this site for 5 years. Isla Guadalupe remains the top dive site worldwide for safe interactions with Great Whites in astounding water clarity.

According to Douglas, “Being part of the 20th anniversary of Shark Week was a great experience; we got to introduce the crew to some of our favorite sharks out there. After five years of face to face encounters with these animals you gain a wealth of experiential knowledge of white sharks and their behavior.”

Douglas and his team have also recently launched a non profit fund to help support the Bio-Sphere and this unique population of white sharks. “We hope that people watching the show will come to understand that these magnificent animals are not the blood thirsty monsters made out to be in popular press, rather these are perfect predators, to be admired and studied.”

Recent tracking data from the CICIMAR and UC Davis research teams on site have revealed a fascinating relationship with prey and the timing of predations at the island by Great Whites. The research is ongoing with teams heading back to the island this August-November.

“The new non profit eco fund we created is a way for divers and shark lovers to ensure that the research at this site continues and that the Bio-Sphere staff have the funds to protect this incredible resource,” says Douglas.

For now Douglas and his team are waiting to get back to the island and the sharks in late August, the beginning of white shark season. “We have helped identify over one hundred different animals to date, most of the sharks we encounter we see every year, it’s like welcoming an old friend home from a long vacation.”

Discover Channels 20th Anniversary of Shark Week airs July 29th-August 4th 2007

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