The launch of African News Dimension's (AND) Andnetwork on September 1, 2005 will see a ground-breaking, fresh approach to news on the African continent– the first ever comprehensive multi-media distributor of African news and information about Africans, by Africans and for Africans.

Andnetwork was born out of a need to give an authentic voice to African issues on the world news stage. For too long, the continent has seen its people, its achievements and its struggles misrepresented on the world news stage, which, dominated by Europe and America, has failed to understand the complexities of a continent that is rich in diverse cultures.

With 54 Countries, over 1,200 languages spoken and close to 1.1 billion people, the African continent has long been in need of a platform through which the multifarious voices of African politics, finance and culture can finally speak to each other and to the world, unfettered, unbiased and uncensored. Andnetwork recognized this need to finally give a voice to the people of Africa. To tell the world and more importantly, each other: this is who we really are.

Andnetwork will operate on a multi-tiered system of information gathering, consolidation and distribution, with an aim to grow into the preferred news and information hub on the continent. African journalists will be able to submit their stories from anywhere on the continent, and within seconds, those stories will be available to the millions of Africans and worldwide news consumers.

Andnetwork will ensure that the African continent no longer has to rely on foreign, second hand coverage of events happening within our own borders. The world and fellow Africans will finally get an Afro-centric perspective of African and global developments in technology, finance, politics and culture.

Andnetwork is a pioneer in the world of news and its ethos encapsulates the emerging new paradigm of African thinking on the continent that Africans are doing it for themselves. To that end, Andnetwork sees its role in this emerging African Renaissance as providing newsmakers and news consumers with true African insight, that can only come from Africa telling its own stories, commenting on its own issues, and finding
solutions to its own challenges.

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