Beyond Cheer Beyond Dance

Beyond Cheer Beyond Dance

Beyond Cheer Beyond Dance develops creative gifts and products for cheerleaders and dancers.  We also offer answers to frequently asked questions, instructional videos and competitions.

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Company History

BEYOND CHEER BEYOND DANCE, (BCBDANCE) was founded in 2001 to encourage, educate, and inform young adults, parents and communities; on the careers and personal growth found in cheer and dance. Our mission is to inspire the youth of today to become the choreographers, coaches, entertainment directors, gym owners and executives of tomorrow!

During our cheerleading and dance workshops students are taught choreography, technique, participate in role-play and planning sessions that expose them to the responsibilities of administration and coaching! High school and collegiate students are given various tasks including: choreography, instruction, developing fundraisers, wardrobe, devising a sponsorship and/or marketing plan in addition to planning one night of entertainment for a specific sports team. Ultimately using a hobby they love to prepare them for careers in sports entertainment, coaching, gym ownership,marketing or other areas of their professional interest!